Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Still Under the Weather

I'm still not feeling good. That hasn't stopped me much. I am still staying away from friends and family. I'm still hoping this will go away. I'm getting tired of my ears feeling full of liquid. I'm hoping it's going to end here soon.

In the meantime, I was working on my blocks. I decided to work on the Baltimore Liberty block. I wanted to get it started, and since I did, I now need to baste more on the block to work on it.

It went a lot quicker than I thought. I will need to pick out the next colors to add to the block.

I then started working on the Bountiful Baskets and got one block done again.

At first I put a blue center and then realized it needed a yellow one. So, I took it out and put the yellow one in. I worked on the embroidery but was disappointed it didn't come out the way P3 Designs has it coming out. I don't know what I did differently or if I needed to have a bigger needle for the embroidery. I decided I'd add more French Knots to it, since it didn't come out the way I hoped.

Dad's doing good. It's the pits I can't go visit, but that's what happens when people get sick. I had to change my appointment for physical therapy tomorrow. Not too worried about that, since I'm only seeing him every couple weeks or so.

If all goes well, I'll be feeling good by Thursday when our meeting is. I'm looking forward to being around friends again. I will probably be basting pieces on blocks tonight and tomorrow. I am thrilled that I have 3 basket blocks done already. They are fast and going great. Yes I need some practice with smaller pieces, and yes, I'm learning with each piece.  I did find this last piece I was working on going better. My stitches are getting smaller, and it's looking a lot better from some of the other pieces I have done. I'm happy to be doing better on my applique. One of these days it will be even better.

The good thing about being sick, is I get to stay home and "baby" myself. If I get to do applique that's even better - Happy Quilting!!

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