Sunday, April 10, 2016

All Day of Bowling.

Today was spent bowling - all day! I went down to Longview/Kelso area for our travel league. It was up to us to bowl good. We were bowling to see which team came out in first place. We were in first place and in order to keep it, we needed to win at least 8 games. I didn't bowl very well. I did get one game. I reach my average - 158 - once. That shows how bad I bowled. I got a 466 series. Not one of my better days!

Came home and had about an hour and a half before heading to Sunday night bowling. I was able to to get a few more family members in my genealogy. I also played a few games since I didn't get any playing in today.

We went bowling. Teresa and Kim beat me to the bowling alley. (I bowl with them in travel league) My first game was even less then my games early in the day - 137. I did pick it up after that. I bowled a 189 and a 187 - back to my average. Hard to believe I just couldn't get it together till the last two games! At least I bowled a 513 series! As long as I get a 500 series, I'm happy. At least things are looking up.

We had to say whether or not we were going to bowl next year. We waited to see if our partners were going to say if they were bowling again or not. They didn't, so we marked them with a question. Phillip showed up and I was so thrilled to see him! He's looking good! He is going to talk to Emily and see if he would be able to bowl with us next year. I'm thinking he will probably be bowling with Dan next year. I'm hoping he can bowl! It would be so much fun to bowl with him.

As one can see, I didn't doing any crafts today, but life does that to us. There is always something that comes up in life. I'll just have to wait till tomorrow. Tomorrow is Brazilian embroidery but we are still working on the fobs. I need to remember to take the stuff I bought with me. I bought some beads for my fobs and will do a couple of them. Need one for trading and want one for me. Plus I need to fix the one that broke on me.

Have a great day and be Happy Quilting!

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