Saturday, April 30, 2016

Busy Day...Cleaning....And Enjoying Time With Folks

Today I woke early because of the sun. Worked on my games till Patrick got up. We then went to the casino like we do some Saturdays. We didn't stay long, they were remodeling.

We stopped and picked up some strawberries for mom's Birthday dessert. Came home and cleaned house. I need to go downstairs and clean up my mess in my quilt room. I'll probably do that tomorrow and take photos as I do. It's gotten pretty bad lately because the work I started is still in the process and on the counter. Once I get it cleaned up, then I'll feel better about going down there and working on stuff. I also need to get my containers moved around and put my QOV stuff in one place.

This is a small quilt Judie made. It's pretty and I really like this one. I've asked my son if he wanted it and got a "maybe."

This is a beautiful table runner she made. She also did a smaller quilt of this same color and design. I really love what she did. I did get her pattern, and who knows I may make one myself. I love her color choices!

One of mom's Rhodies blooming. I love this photo!

At this rate, I haven't done any crafts in the last three or four days. If I can get my room cleaned tomorrow, that may change. Monday will be busy buying food for the meeting on Tuesday. Then Tuesday will be our Annual Meeting for TAS, which I'm excited about!

All in all, I'm trying to be Happy Quilting!

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