Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Cloudy, Tiring Day.

This morning started out with a 2 mile walk. We ct it short today. I then came home to play a few games. As I played, I was falling asleep. UGH....so  thought I would rest on the couch, but then talked myself out of that. Instead, I did laundry and vacuumed the house.

After all that, I went downstairs to work on the quilt.

This was my starting point.

I worked this area going in and out, around the circles, and butterfly.

I decided to put my initials in the butterflies on the bottom of the quilt. So, the one on the left has "W" in both wings. The one on the right has "E" in the right wing with "T" in the left side of the wing.  The next butterfly will be "L" on both sides.

I'm going to roll it tomorrow, if all goes well.

Not sure if one can see what I did on the butterfly but it was a easy idea. I was trying to figure out how I was going to do the initials on the middle one, but worked it out. Wonder if anyone will notice it when it's done. (Other than those who look on my blog and know what I did)

That put me into 1 pm. I kept working on laundry and actually am drying my last load as I type this. I then came up to work on my cross stitch. I seem to be more in the mood to work on my embroidery stuff then quilting, but I'm getting back to it.

It's coming along pretty good. I've had some fun things going on while working on this. I have flung a needle in the chair. So, then I'm looking all over for the needle so I don't get poked when I sit down. I've also lost my washers as they make a lot of noise, they are still not that easy to find. I had to rock my chair (not one of those rocking motions we do when we are in a rocking chair!). Tipping the chair and dropping it, is more like it. Then I have a hubby looking at me and asking, "What did you loose this time?" Can't win!

I'm still moving along. I did copy my dad's "CMSgt" strips that I'm going to applique done for a block. I seriously need to get moving on his quilt!! I found out he has a "leek" with his "fix" on the heart last year. So...here we go again....he laughs and says, "They keep trying to keep me alive." I don't care, as long as he's here a little while longer.

Life is good, I'm still doing my projects, and I'm loving how things are going. Always Happy Quilting!

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