Thursday, August 25, 2016

Enjoying a Day of Quilting

Today we walked 2.8 miles. Came home and couldn't believe how exhausted I was, so laid down on the couch and fell asleep pretty fast. Mom called around 9:15 am. So, figure I got about 45 mins of sleep in. She said dad was having poker guests at the house and she wanted to get away. She asked if I'd take her to our Thursday quilt meeting. I told her I would and would be there in about a half hour. She sounded like that wasn't quick enough!

I went and picked her up. It was funny to see that she was ready to go. I packed up what she wanted to take with her. We got the walker in the van. Decided to take her car and not mine. Mine is too small for her to get in and out. I was impressed at her way of getting into the van. She used the handle and pulled her body up to swing herself around. She looks like she lost some weight - which is a good thing. Mom was hungry for breakfast, even after I told her we'd stop and get lunch. So, we went to McDonald's and got ice tea with her breakfast of a Egg McMuffin. They asked if she wanted 2 for $5 and she said "YES." Then we went to subway and I bought us a 6" sandwich with 2 cookies. (Changed my mind later and brought a cookie home to Patrick).

We arrived around 11 am at the meeting. I usually like to get there around 10:30 am but that's okay. It was nice to have mom join us. Everyone was enjoying seeing her again. She loved the attention.

We stayed till around 2:30 pm when everyone else was getting ready to leave. We had a good meeting.

As for me, I was able to get the leaves and petal of the flowers done. I then spend a while chatting with Rita at the shop. I took a break for lunch, then walked around the shop. Checked to see if Rita was going to be getting Ed-Mar floss. We were looking at the samples that where there for her to pick from. Told her what we use and she'll order some after her inventory is over. It should bring more people to her shop with that floss since it's hard to find sometimes.

Today we hit 90 degrees again! Not one of my favorite degrees. UGH.

I'm still working on my cross stitch. I love the way it's coming along. I'll be getting into the "confetti" here pretty soon. I'm not crazy about that part, but that's okay too. I'm starting to get the lacy work done on the apron (white part). I love the way it looks. I'm going to try and add more tonight.

Tomorrow is my day is it for Patrick. He does have a meeting to go to, so I might be able to get some quilting in. He has to do his meeting around 8:30 am. Not sure how long it will take. Me, I'm going to try and get some quilting done. I also need to mop the floor tomorrow.

In the meantime let's all be Happy Quilting!

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