Monday, August 8, 2016

Interesting Monday!

Was up walking this morning. We got in 2.6 miles. Then I got my stuff together to go to Donna's. headed over to moms to help her with showering. She's doing really well. She was sleeping on the couch when I got there. It must me more comfortable for her to be on couch.

After that, I headed over to one of the shops in town to collect Pat's embroidery for the fair. She has 4 or 5 things that I'm going to enter. Trouble is I can only enter 4 in each lot number. So, I'm going to have to put one of them in a "combined" lot so I can get them all in the show. I then went to Donna's and she had 4 quilts for me. We're only allowed 1 quilt in each spot. I took one of the quilts under my name, but then I got a call telling me to enter the group quilt as well. That didn't help because they both are the same size and both have applique. SO....I'm having to put one in "other" in order for it to go through. UGH I'll be taking all the stuff in on Wednesday.

I came home by noon and I started getting the information off the internet so I could fill out the forms. I needed more information for Pat and Donna. So, tomorrow I'll finish up the forms and have them ready for Wednesday. I also have to take Art to the eye doctors, so it will be around lunch time before I can get those entered. Then in two weeks, I have to go back and get all this stuff. I need to keep my mouth shut when it comes to saying I'm going anywhere! lol

I've been getting the outlining done. I actually put in about 3 hours so far today. I really want to get this done I have the have the flower on the left done and am working on the flower on the right. I found a LOT of empty spots that I've had to fill in. I don't know why I missed them but I did. I even had to take out part of the flower in the middle because I had the wrong color! I couldn't believe it!!

Wednesday and Thursday are my busy days this week. Otherwise, I'm hoping to be home and get more quilting done! I may get this cross stitch finished yet! Hoping to have it done by this weekend. I can hope!

Happy Quilting!

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