Saturday, August 13, 2016

Productive Saturday! Awesome!!

Today I did get some sleep in. Still up early. We relaxed in the morning - which as we all know, was me on the tablet playing games.

Patrick went out to work in the yard, and I went downstairs - after getting laundry started. I was able to get some quilting in!

I was able to get this area ready for when I roll it. Just noticed the photo is upside down. The needles are the top of the frame.

Okay, looks like all my photos are going to be upside down. Oh, well. Hopefully everyone gets the idea. I was able to get more butterfly "trails" going.

I finished up this butterfly and will get moving on the next one hopefully tomorrow. That's the one in the middle photo. So far it's coming along great.

Around 1 pm today, I came upstairs - because of the game! - and worked on my cross stitch.

While the game was on, I was playing with my cross stitch. I'm using another technique that I was taught through Instagram. I learned it from Brian Litton who's @blitstitch on Instagram. He has about 4 or 5 projects going at a time. He's technique is awesome and I found it to be a lot quicker. I did bite off a little too much when I was trying to figure it out. I should just do about 3 rows at a time, but I did 5 this time. I was trying to figure out where I needed to be when I realize it, I was 5 rows in. Oh, well. It really goes fast. It's looking pretty good. I tend to forget what color belongs to what symbol but I'm getting there. It's coming along great though, so no complaints. If one is interested they can find Brian at YouTube.

Today has been a good day for me! I got a lot done between the quilt and the cross stitch. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I look forward to having more days like today. Have a feeling that Patrick is going to want to go out again tomorrow. Time will tell.

In the meantime, stay Happy Quilting!


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