Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tired Tuesday!

Today I was up and walking early today! We got in a good 2.5 miles. Not that that makes it different from any other day.

Got back home and played for a little while. I cleaned up the kitchen, then went downstairs to quilt. Yep, that's what I said, "to quilt." I got in a good 2 hours of quilting. I am liking the way it's coming along. I am a little more than half way across the quilt and will roll it one more time! I'm looking forward to rolling it again.

I quilted this butterfly. I did notice there is a couple areas where it wasn't appliqued down as good as it could have been. So, I'm hoping it doesn't come apart when I wash it. I may work on it before I wash it to make sure it stays down.

I then moved over to this butterfly and started quilting around it as well as in it. I'm no sure how I'm going to quilt the inside. I'm trying to keep all the butterflies different, and not sure if I have been able to do that. I have one more of both of them. It's getting harder to figure out what to quilt in them. I was surprised how easy the other one came to mind. This one, not so much....so I'll think on it.

Called it good at the point.

After walking I came home and filled out all the paperwork for the Fair. Then I folded the quilts and got them ready to go. I'm dropping them all off tomorrow. The bag on top is the embroidery work from Pat Campbell and mine. The fabric (pillow case) is the quilt from our group. Since I had two quilts the same size, I filled out another form for the group. I wasn't going to get hit with "other" for my quilt. I don't understand why we are limited to 1 quilt per group.

I came up to work on my cross stitch (after vacuuming), and I was falling asleep. I did get some stitches in the picture, but just wasn't ready for it all. SO, I went to the couch and crashed for about an hour. Hard to believe I was so tired!!

Patrick got home and I cooked, then made his dessert - Scotch 'A Roo's. One of his favorites! I will do the chocolate frosting here in a little bit. No worries.

My butterfly is done on the cross stitch and I'm really close to being done!! I can almost taste it! I really do what to get this done!! I'm getting a little excited about this!

So, I'm still quilting and having fun....tomorrow is another busy morning, but I can manage.

Happy Quilting!!


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