Saturday, December 10, 2016

Decorating for Christmas & Farewell to a Friend

Today I actually slept in....not sure how I did it...waking up so much but going back to sleep.

It was a morning of pulling out Christmas decorations and getting the house in order. So to speak.

Patrick was awesome! He helped with the decorations! We took out the stuff, and he was so sweet getting the decorations where they need to be.

This is just a few things that he helped with.

We put the "old World" ornaments on the tree. Plus a few that where from my childhood. They all worked great together.

While Patrick finished up on the decorations, I picked up Georgie and we went to the "Celebration of Life" for our dear friend Felicia Conrad. We talked with the family members. We talked to her husband about coming over to his house and taking the BE and beads to sell for them. The family picked out what they wanted and would go and double check that they had what they wanted. Then in a week, we'll go over and help him out. After being there about a half hour, we left. They have a beautiful urn for her and her favorite beaded necklace was around it. May she rest in peace.

Came home and we worked on the Christmas goodies. First we did the peanut brittle.

Next we did the caramel and chocolate pretzels.

I had to get my food ready for tomorrows potluck at the bowling alley. Our travel league is here tomorrow. I pulled out one of mom's casserole recipes and made part of it. I'll finish it tomorrow and bake it. It will be great, I'm sure.

I haven't had a chance to work on my cross stitch or applique. I'll do some cross stitch tonight. Tomorrow is going to be another busy day...bowling twice.

Be Happy Quilting!

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