Saturday, December 17, 2016

Rouge One Is Out! Off To The Movies!

This morning I spend part of the morning with Kitty (MeMe). Then Patrick wanted to go off to the casino again. He came back with some extra money. Me, I didn't do as good as he did. We tied on the bonuses.

Then we were off to Kijah's to pick up some Christmas ornaments that are the "Old World" ornaments. We bought 5 of the small ornaments to go on my tree. I wanted to get small ornaments because that poor tree is small and needed some ornaments that actually fit it! We were given't a "Christmas gift" of another Santa ornament. I love it!! They were so kind to do that!

This is before we put the new ones on. I'll have to take another photo of it with the new ornaments on it. It's a lot fuller then this and looks a lot better.

We then went to the movies. It was "Rouge One" and AWESOME! It was a lot like the older version and it was perfect to go with the others. They did do computer generated people. The ones that passed away, but were part of the movie. I loved it. Once couldn't tell the two people were computer generated other then knowing what they should look like.

We decided to get chicken from KFC. WOW! Prices have gone up! We picked up two of their $10 buckets. The wings were good but hot. Not into HOT! What is it that chicken wings have to be HOT anymore. Or they have that awful BBQ sauce that no one likes. UGH

We came home and I played on my tablet. I really need to work on my cross stitch. I got the new SAL part 6 piece done. I also signed up for another one for 2017. It's one that I can pick my own patterns and try to get a "small" item done each month. Lets see how that goes!

Lights are on, and the Christmas season is feeling like the right time of year! It was snowing again! We may have a white Christmas yet!

Enjoy the seasons and Happy Stitching and/or Quilting!!

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