Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Fun Trip to the Dentist - NOT

Today I was up early but didn't get moving to Cherrill's for awhile. I went over around 9 am and realized I was there an hour. We talked about the way things are going in the country. We both had different sides and same sides of opinions. We didn't get mad, we just chatted.

I will say one thing and then I'll get back to my crafts - I know, I promise it will be short - I don't like putting politics on my blog. I lived all over the world. I saw how we were treated for being American. I also had to go through "strip search" at airports - AND I WAS YOUNG! I almost didn't make it out of Turkey because my "visa" was with the government of Turkey. They wanted me to wait till it came back (about 2 weeks). My dad had to pay the attendant to let me get on the plane. So, for us to "vet" those arriving I say - ABOUT TIME.

Okay, enough said. After visiting Cherrill, I came home and vacuumed the house, then mopped the floor. Kitty was going and coming at the door, waiting for me to finish what I was doing. Then she came in for about a half hour before I ended up at the dentists. I had chipped my tooth. So, today I was at my appointment. I waited a little bit before going in.

So, while I waited I was working on my stump. I was able to get a lot in while waiting for them to come back from lunch. Then when I went in, they told me they could fill my tooth instead of capping it. So, I was asked if I would like to fill it today or come back. I said, let's get it over! So, they put the shots in my mouth....OUCH....so, while I had to wait for it to numb, I was able to work on the stump some more. I'm happy with how much I got done.  don't have much more to go. Then they worked on my tooth. He was talking about the old drills that the dentist had to use his/her foot to get the drill to work - not something I wanted to REMEMBER! The sounds from the tools came back....good and loud! Then the more he worked the tighter I squeezed my hands together! Afterwards I told he I remembered those days and when he used that one tool - it sounded exactly like it did back then. The tools were hooked up on a big "arm" that rolled around with them! And that awful spit bowl! Not what I wanted to recall! An hour and a half later, I was out of there.....ugh.

Then I went to the store for some stuff we needed. Came home and unloaded the groceries.

Had about 30 mins before Patrick would be home, so I sat down and worked on my "Nantucket Rose."

Getting closer to the neckline and face. I'm looking forward to starting on her face! I know! I need to get back to the challenge. I'll try and work on it later, I really, really, want to get her face done first! lol

Enjoying my time with my Kitty!

So, all in all, today was an okay day. I hate going to the dentist!

Monday, January 30, 2017

A Day With Friends and Embroidery

Today was a slow day. I was up with Patrick. I realized last night that I lost my fitbit off my wrist. So, now I have no tracking on my step. I can give myself a pat on the back because I actually had it for almost 2 years. Plus I think they said it goes bad between a year and two years. Guess I got what I needed out of it. Not sure I want to get another one right away.

I enjoyed some time with Kitty this morning. She was so jittery, that I think she wanted to play but didn't realize it. I let her out and then she meowed at the door - with a mouse! So, we have a dead mouse at out back door! ugh

I headed over to our BE meeting. We all enjoyed our time. There were a couple times when a few people got miffed. They wanted to buy all of Felicia's floss and we didn't want to sell it to one person because there was a lot of floss. So, two of them decided they didn't want to talk about it or have anything to do with it. Mainly because they couldn't buy all of it. The group bought it for all of us to share. They didn't like that either. Oh, well.

I did find out the reason this is called Brazilian embroidery is because of the floss that is used to make the design. I thought that was interesting.

I worked on the stump of this. I figured I needed to get the stump done before I finished the board with the food.

I came home and put more stuff on eBay. I just sold one of my cross stitch patterns. I hope I sell more. I should have added the shipping but I wasn't thinking when I got the email asking if I would list as "buy it now." I'll try and think that through next time. lol

I baked another zucchini chocolate chip cake. Now I just need to get working on my cross stitch or something! I seem to be side tracked today.

Laundry needed some work, but I was so busy listing my cross stitch stuff that I didn't get u one load done. UGH. I'm really good at that, think one thing....do another....oh, yah, don't forget to do this too...oh, crap the day is gone!

I'll work on it. Happy Stitching!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bowling Twice Today!

This morning I was up and ready to go bowling. First I enjoyed a little TLC time with Kitty then Patrick dropped me off at the pick up point. We all car pool down to Longview. Virginia drove. We got there early today. Patrick was 15 minutes early and Virginia was 10 minutes early. So, we arrived a good hour before bowling. The others ordered breakfast at the bowling alley. I ordered a BLT for lunch instead. I'm really not a breakfast person.

We bowled pretty bad. We are at the bottom of the leader board! I bowled a 158, 153, 134. Just couldn't get the 10 pin!! For a left handed person to miss the 10 pin - that's bad! I got splits as well. Couldn't strike to save my life! So, I lost all 4 games. I lost 5 pins on my average!

We got back around 2:30 pm. I worked on my "Nantucket Rose" by lavender and lace.

I've started on the neckline. She's coming along nicely. I ended up taking 50 stitches out yesterday because it was the brown I got wrong in the dress. The peach color in the dress was supposed to be brown. When I put the peach in the tree, it looked awful. So, I had to get the right color out of my DMC floss so I could do the tree right. Today I got about 100 stitches in.

Then it was off to bowling again.....I did better, but not much! I lost another pin in my average. I bowled a 144, 164, 167, with a 475 series. We lost all 4 games. Guess I couldn't win either way!

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Going and Coming for a Saturday

This morning I was up early. I was even surprised to hear Kitty at the door, since I shut her up in the garage last night. No clue how she got out of the garage. Will try again and see if she gets out.

I played on my laptop till Patrick was up. Then went to the neighbors to help with her socks. The dog pee'd on me again. I told her that her son should come take the dog and give him attention. He gets excited when people come over and then pee's. I lost it and my mouth went off. Told her she needed to give the dog to someone who can take care of the dog by giving him attention. He needs to run around and not be chained up or loose in the house. She said both her kids won't let her. Yet she can't take care of him. He's too wild. Needs a LOT of attention! She said her son is gone all the time (his dog!) and her daughter is gone just as much, so they can't take care of him. Seriously! Someone needs to take him or give him to a family that will give him attention.

We went to Cabella's (sp) for Patrick's Birthday shoes. He got the pair he wanted. We stopped at Costco to get the Turbo tax CD. We've done that for years. He knows about the free one, but would rather pay for it.

We came home and I was able to get some cross stitch done. I got a good 250 stitches in but ended up taking out 50 of those stitches! I worked on Nantucket Rose and forgot to get a photo before I loaded my photos.

I went downstairs and pulled a few things out to put on eBay. Decided I need to sell a few things. Have way to much stuff that I want to do, but probably never will. Plus there is so much that is new to me that I want to do! So, I'm listing quilting patterns and cross stitch patterns on my eBay account. If anyone is interested in what I'm selling click here. More will be posted over the next week or so.

I will be selling this one as well.

As well as this one. I love this pattern, but just don't see me making it.

Happy Stitching!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Another QOV Top is Done.

This morning I enjoyed being able to sleep. When I got up, went to the door to see if Kitty was there, she wasn't. So took a shower and started breakfast when she let me know she was outside the door. It was good to see her. I missed her all day yesterday.

We sat and had TLC time. She was in my lap most of the morning. While she was in my lap, I played on the tablet and worked on the quilt top for the QOV meeting in a week or so.

I put 20 circles on the quilt. It turned out pretty good. The circles were just right for this piece. I hope the gal that made the top will be happy with what I did.

After I was done, I worked on the baby afghan.

That was after I took Ruth to the train station.

Today I was supposed to be at moms quilting, but I just wasn't in the mood to quilt. Funny though when one thinks about it, I was doing applique here. I could have done it there. At least I got another thing done. Don't think I can count this as a finish for the year. At least I like to mark the finishes with something I actually made and finished. The quilt top was on my top.

I was working on backing up my computer. Got some of it done but have a lot more to do! I'll work on it.

I made another bread to bake tomorrow. Wanted to get the house vacuumed but since Kitty was in the house decided to wait till tomorrow.

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Visit to the Vets and Stitching

This morning I was up and ready to go by 7:30. I wasted a few minutes before I went out to the garage to get Kitty in a pet carrier. It took some doing to get in the garage without her getting out. Once I was in, I picked her up and gave her some TLC before putting her in the case. Then I put her in the car. She cried the whole way with a few stops. We got there early but went in right away. Then waited, and waited, and waited. I was beginning to think they didn't know what a 8:30 appointment was. I didn't see the doctor till about 8:45. That was better than I thought it would be before she would come in. She talked about the different shots the cat needed. She talked about two other shots that she could give and I said fine. So, the assistant came back in and gave Kitty three shots. Then I went to pay for it. I was told it would cost $42 but because of the two EXTRA shots, it cost me $72. Brought her home and kept her in the house for awhile. She wanted out really bad, so let her out. Haven't seen her since, so I guess she's ticked at me. I've been calling her but she won't come. I hope she comes back tomorrow.

Had a hard time taking a photo because she was so squirmy.

After the shot, she went back into the carrier. Made it easier for me.

I worked on my HAED challenge today.

I had some trouble with the bottom part to do the diagonal area. I'll try and fix it by working on the next set for the diagonal. I got a little lost on where I was going. I'll work on it tomorrow. After awhile it was getting a little hard to figure out what color was next. A lot of confetti.

After Patrick got home I put the cross stitch away and started back on working on the circles for this quilt. I have 3 or 4 done already. I finished at least one today already. Might be 2 but wasn't paying too much attention to that part.  I will work on it for a couple more hours tonight and then get back to my Nantucket Rose piece.

So, I'm worried a little about my Kitty but I'm sure she will be back. She won't be happy in a couple weeks when we take her to the vet again to be spayed. UGH

Life is good, keeping our heads up! Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Another Day of Non-Stop Going

This morning I was up early with Patrick. Didn't have to be up so early, just couldn't go back to sleep.

Went to help Cherrill with her socks. Then headed out to the bank with a stop at Ruth's before going. We chatted for a few minutes. Then after the bank, went to the post office to sent a Birthday card to one of the yahoo group members. After that, mom called as I was heading over. She wanted me to pick up some silver polish. I thought she said "clear" polish, so stopped at the dollar store and picked up some nail polish that was clear. By the time I got to the house, I found out I had the wrong stuff. So, she wanted to go shopping for it at the outlet mall. We went to the Kitchen shop. They didn't have the silver polish and they didn't have the stainless steel cleaner either. Mom did pick up a toaster and a few other things. I did get a couple towels that I can use for my bread baking. We went to Dawn's Delicatessen to reserve a place on Friday for the quilt group. I haven't told mom yet, but I'm not planning on attending. We then went to the Chinese restaurant and got some food for lunch. Because the house is being painted, there really wasn't any room to sit, but we did move a few things around to be able to sit and eat. They were painting the kitchen today. I was able to get their pet carrier.

Mom and I cut some of the pillowcases to make it into a quilt.

We have a ton of old pillow cases that my great grandmother and grandmother made. They were well aged. We cut off the bottom and will put those into a quilt. We folded up the other part of the pillow cases. I can use those later for my Brazilian embroidery - at least the good ones.

This was one of the table runners that was done. We kept these as they were.

This is another one too.

All of those were in a notebook that mom has of the samples of work my grandmother and great grandmother and great great grandmother did. Some are tatting, knitted, and crocheted. This is just a few of what they did.

After leaving mom and dads, I went to to the grocery store. By the time I got home, it was already 3 pm. I didn't get to do much at all.

Today was Patrick's Birthday, so I made hamburgers and home made fries. That's what he wanted. After supper we were off to bowling.

I bowled a 190, 121, 174. What a pain!! I had 4 splits in a row and didn't get any of them! I had a few more opens as well.....what a pain in the rear! I was not happy with that second game, but kept my cool. Didn't make a fool of myself.

Tomorrow morning I have to take Kitty to the Vet for shots. It's going to be interesting and hopefully I can get her in! I have to get her from the garage. I have to get myself and the carrier in the garage before she can get to the door....wish me luck!

Happy Stitching!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

One Heck of a Day!

Today started out early. I headed over to Art's to take him to the casino. We spent the morning playing. Then we played Keno. After Keno was over (20 games in an hour), we headed home. I felt tired most of the morning because Kitty and her new found friend decided to hiss and fuss at each other at our window. She had stayed away all day yesterday and I couldn't get her to the garage. UGH

When I got back from the casino, stopped and dropped garlic break off at moms. They were busy with painters painting the house. She had everything out of the shrunk and tried to give me some stuff. I have too much "stuff" as it is, so decided to say NO. I brought home a couple trays that have dad's military award on it, but I really don't want it, so asked my younger brother if he did. If not will ask my older brother as well.

Went shopping for my son again. Was sending photos as I was trying to make sure I got the right thing for them. Took his food to him after I went to the dollar store to get some cards.

On my way back from the Dollar Store, I stopped at the Vet's to see if we could get Kitty in to be Spayed. I have to get her shots first. So, we will do that Thursday morning. Then I have to make an appointment for her to go back for the spaying. Not cheap.

By the time I got home, Patrick arrived shortly after me. He had passed me in town but stopped to get gas.

We had supper and I went through my yahoo group to see about the Bingo words. I have 3 so far out of 24. Should be fun! I'm doing pretty good.

Tomorrow I need to go back to moms and work on those pillow case quilt tops. Should be interesting with the guys painting. Think it's going to be a mad house and may call it good before the day is over.

Not sure what I will be working on now.

OH! I did work on the circles of the quilt top! I had two done. It turned out pretty good. One of my circles is a little off and may take it off later. I will have them done for QOV meeting next month. I'll work on them a couple times a night. Even if I get 2 done a night, that will be plenty. I think I counted 18 to do, but I did 2 so now it's 16. I'm sure I can get them all done in a day or two. We'll see how that goes.

In the main time.....Happy Quilting!!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Enjoying the Baking as Well as Stitching!

This morning I was up and ready to go. I went to help Cherrill and came back to enjoy my cat for a short time. The other cat cried for her to come out and she wanted out. So, I didn't see Kitty for very long today. I'm going to get her in to the Vet to get her spayed so I won't have to worry about it.

I spent several hours trying to get a video done on YouTube or FlossTube. I tried to do one on the computer, and it came out jerky. It's not that good of a video, but after several tries, I did post one. It's showing my technique of left handed cross stitch. I posted it about 3 hours ago and it was viewed once. Not bad considering I didn't tag anyone or have followers to look at it.

While I was trying to figure out the video, I baked 4 small sourdough breads. I cut the two batches in half and baked them today. One set of 2 is garlic bread. I took a bite out of Patrick's bread and it has a LOT of garlic in it! I can still taste it. lol

So, I did pretty good today.

I worked on the HAED challenge today. I figured I needed to get some work on it. I was able to get another 186 stitches done. Considering this is smaller and I only got about 2 hours in, it was a good amount. I'm trying to get it set up to do the diagonal. I'm going to try the diagonal to see who that works. I like the way it's coming along. I have the top on the diagonal and working on the middle to go the same way. I'll do the bottom later as well.

I'll work on my "Nantucket Rose" cross stitch. I've been getting closer to the tree branches. I'm hoping to get the face and tree done before too much longer.

I realized I didn't do the circles on the quilt top. I'll try and work on that later this week. I need to get started on those. I don't know how long it will take to do one, so I really should work on one to know how much time it will take me. I will be taking it to our next QOV meeting....so actually, I guess I better do one tonight....ugh...I want to work on the cross stitch...but I should do the top for QOV and not stall any longer.....so I keep telling myself.....ugh.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Day Of Baking

Today I was up early but Patrick slept in. Kitty was complaining about the door being shut downstairs. She keeps wanting to go into the spare bedroom down there. I shut the door to keep her out. She's always checking to see if it's open and howlers when she wants to go down there. I don't let her, so twice this morning I sent her back outside, but she kept wanting back in. I was surprised Patrick could sleep through her meowing! He did though.

I pulled out the sourdough from the refrigerator. I worked on both kinds. I was able to get two of them ready for tomorrow to bake. I will cut them in half and bake them separately. That way we can have smaller loaves, and I can take a loaf to Art and the folks on Tuesday. I made a garlic one as well. I'm hoping it will turn out really good. Since I'm not supposed to eat "carbs" I won't be eating it. At least I'm going to try not to eat it. I also need to quit eating sugar! I'm in need of getting back down to my weight I was at 2 years ago. I'm going to try and get down before our cruise.

I baked "scotch-a-roo's" for Patrick. As one can tell, he's already gotten to them! I also baked some of the oatmeal cookies I made the other day and put the dough in the refrigerator. I cooked about 18 cookies and will do the rest in another day.

While I was cooking and "kneading" the bread, I was also working on 'Nantucket Rose.'

I got the hand down with the flower. I also have most of the basket done. It's coming along great. I'm hoping to be able to get more done tomorrow. I didn't get near what I wanted to today, but I did get a lot of baking done. Can't complain. Patrick's happy because it's all stuff he'll eat.

We had bowling tonight. I bowled a 190, 190, 172. I messed up on one of the 190 games. I had a split in the 10th, or I could have had a 200 game. We took all four games. I was happy with the way it went. Our Wednesday night partners came to watch us bowl. Dad was there too. Dad stayed but our partners left in the beginning of the second game. It was nice to see them.

Looking forward to what tomorrow may bring! Happy Stitching!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Celebrating Patrick's Birthday Early

This morning was interesting in the fact that I actually slept til 9 am. That was a first in a verlong time.

Miss Kitty and I had a shot morning of TLC time. Patrick had a list of things he wanted done before my parents arrived to go out to eat. I headed over to the neighbors while he got the branches out of the road and took them to the dump. I beat him home, so I checked on my computer for doing videos with the webcam. I figured how to set it up and will probably do a video on flosstube on Monday. I am thinking of doing two of them. One for crossstitch and one for my applique. Sound be interesting to see if I can handle watching myself.

After I was able to see what I could do, I pulled out my crossstitch and worked on it.

I washappy to finally finish her hands with the bouquet of flowers. I'm starting on the chest area. Her chin is getting ready to be worked on as well. I do like the way this is coming out.

Mom and dad arrived early and we headed to Longview for dinner. We had a good time and then came home for games. We played gin, which I won. Then we play rumicube (sp). Of course Patrick won that. Decided I'm not sitting to the left of him anymore! He was good at going out before I could go out. Hate that! Patrick served his cake I made for him. It was a rolled ice cream cake. Turned at pretty good.

After the folks left, I worked on crossstitch some more. That's when I got the hands done.

Al in all a good day. Happy Stitching!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Getting Back to UFO's or WIP's

Today started out early. I got up and let Kitty in. She was awful chatting about me taking too long. Oh, well. We walked over to the neighbors. I'm surprised at how close she is when we walk. You'd think she had a lease on!

We came home and I got the sourdough out of the refrigerator. I baked the bread, but forgot to turn the heat down when I took the lid off. Which got really close to burning it. It did have the smell of burning but it turned out "okay." I was chatting with Phil about the bread. Since we had one that I baked yesterday, I need to give it away. lol So, I told him I'd bring it to him if he wanted it. Said he would take it. I also took over part of yesterday's bread in case the one from today was really bad. I had him cut it when I brought it. It actually looked good inside. It was soft and looked great. So, the crust will be a little crusty - which he can cut off.

Came home and Patrick called to say he was on his way home. We went to the casino for something to do. We didn't stay long. Then we came back and went to the store.

I had made a roll cake that didn't turn out right. So, we needed to go shopping to get my spice for it. I used the last of what we had. I'm going to remake it tonight. We picked up a few extra things. I need to get baking on his cake for his Birthday. We are going to go out to eat tomorrow for his Birthday, even though his Birthday isn't till Wednesday. We'll be bowling then, so I need to think of something for his Birthday.

This is the quilt that Donna made for QOV. I was binding it the last few days. So, this is done. I won't count this as one of my finished because I didn't do anything but stitch down the binding.

I love the quilting around the bottom that has the words, "respect," "thank you," "honor," and a few other words. It came out perfect. This will go to some deserving soldier. I'm glad I was able to help with it.

I couldn't leave her along too much longer. I know I have the circles to put on the other quilt top, but I just had to work on this! I finished 200 stitches since I took a photo of this. I'm going to be working on it tonight. I'm hoping to get her hand with flowers done tonight. Then I can get started on her face.

We're doing good! Life is good - so far. Mom called and I'm going to go to her house on Wednesday. She wants to take all those pillow cases that grandmother, great grandmother, and great-great grandmother made and make them into a quilt. There are enough for a couple quilts. She doesn't have a pattern, so who knows what we will do. I'm going to do research and see if anyone else did a quilt out of them. Should be interesting. Hate to cut them up, but no one is using them and they just sit in a closet, not ever being used. This way we can enjoy them.

Best wishes to all! Happy Quilting!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Day of Baking Sourdough!

This morning I was a little slow in getting started. I didn't need to go anywhere today so I decided to try some baking instead.

Since I have sourdough, I wanted to do some research to see what I might be doing wrong will baking bread. Man! I realized I was doing a LOT WRONG! I thought I could do sourdough just like regular bread! NAH! NO WAY! I have to do a lot different. So, I found two recipes that I wanted to try. Both off YouTube so I could see what I was doing wrong....again...a lot! I took one of the recipes and instructions to make the first batch.

I was so happy to see it was growing!! It only took most of the day, but I was thrilled to see it was actually working better than any sourdough I ever made!

After waiting an hour, Patrick couldn't wait to get his hands on it, so he cut it before I had the chance to take a photo!

I can say it was a HUGE success!! It's light and fluffy. It tastes awesome. And I didn't put as much salt in it as they told me to!

While I was working on this - all day - I was watching some "floss-tube" videos. I enjoy some of the men that show what they are working on. I'm thinking of doing a video as well. I just need to figure out how my computer does it, and I'll do it with the computer.

So, as it worked out....I DID get the quilt basted for QOV. It's in the wash, so I didn't have a photo of it. I'm so happy to finally have it done. Now it's getting washed and then dried. Hopefully Donna will be happy with it. I've got the circles to put on the quilt top - will take a photo of that when I do. I'm getting there!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Not the Best Day, But a Good Day

Today was up to pouring rain! I waited to go see Cherrill till it slowed down some.

I couldn't believe the cat today! She meowed every chance she could! I had no idea what her problem was but she was letting me know all about it. I think she lost her ball half the time, but then she found it again.

I had three phone calls that took quiet a while. I usually don't like talking on the phone but Katt called and we chatted for a good hour. I did enjoy that call. Before her was Cherrill and we chatted awhile. Then we chatted more when I went over there. After Katt was Ruth and then I went to her house to borrow her Dutch oven so I could do sough dough bread tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to seeing if it will work.

I worked on the binding of the QOV quilt again.

I was able to get another side or two done. I hope to have it done tomorrow, because I am getting to the point where I want to do my cross stitch again! BUT I really need to work on the circles on the QOV quilt top.

My laptop died on me!! I couldn't believe it!! Now we're talking about getting another laptop for the house. This one will die again, I'm sure! It took till we got back from bowling for it to start up again. My cord was off! I had tried that!! I even took the cord out and put it back in, but NO, it wouldn't start! Got home, moved the cord and then it started up! What a PAIN!! So, now I'm going to have to keep my eyes on it, get the stuff off my computer that I want to keep and hope it starts back up tomorrow! It will have to wait till tomorrow for getting my stuff off.

Patrick came home to say Dan can't make it to our Birthday dinner because he's working. On top of that Phil doesn't look like his going either. Guess it will be back to mom, dad, and us.

We had bowling tonight. I did okay, but not as good as I would have liked. 155, 182, 179. My first game wasn't that good. I'll have to keep working on it. I need to get back to my norm!

Best wishes, Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Week Overdue For Cleaning

This morning I was up around 8 am. Since I haven't been walking with Ruth, I'm getting to get a another hour in on sleep time. I'm enjoying that. Trouble is when the weather gets better, we'll be back to walking. AND if the weather gets better Cherrill will be getting out there walking with us.

Kitty was in for awhile for TLC time. Then she walked with me to Cherrill's and then back home. I enjoyed some tea with Cherrill. We had a good chat.

I started the washing before I left. Got home and did more laundry. Then I pulled the vacuum out and cleaned the rugs. I also worked on the kitchen floor. More laundry!

I made some oatmeal cookies! They turned out great!

In the afternoon I started working on the binding of the QOV quilt.

I was able to get one side done so far.

I figured I needed to get this done, washed and ready for our next meeting. The next thing I need to work on for QOV meeting is the circles that go on one of the tops someone else did. The circles won't take long, it's just getting me to do it!

I put the cross stitch away to get myself to get this done! I need to get them done, so I don't feel like I have a TON of stuff to work on.

We won't be having quilting this week. Mom's having the house painted on Friday, so we won't be having our meeting then. I'm okay with that. I need a break.....and yet I haven't seen everyone for over a month...can't help but love the break....hum.

Happy Quilting!

Monday, January 16, 2017

A Busy Holiday

Today started out early again. Not to sure I got to sleep in this weekend. Went to Cherrill's and then off to our Brazilian embroidery meeting.

Arrived an hour early to set all of Feelicia's stuff out. We sold the big things but not enough to make a dent. I wasn't too thrilled when a couple members wanted a "deal" on everything. But can't complain because I didn't want it back. We'll see how it goes when it is all up in Bellevue. Pat took most of the stuff up there for the other groups.

Came home to pick up Patrick. We went shopping for our son. It went great and we got what they needed. It was getting comical when I had to send photos to make sure I had the right stuff.

We came home and watched some TV. I worked on the cross stitch "Nantucket Rose." It's going faster because of were I am on it.

Enjoyed some time with Kitty. We made a potato pizza. It turned out good. We used french fries.

 Must be nice to be able to curl up and sleep with no concerns.

I wa aale to get 2 1/2 rows in on the baby afghan. It going quickly. Sound be done in a couple weeks if I keep on top of it.

I realized I better get moving on the QOV quilt. The binding needs done. Plus I need to work on the applique circles. Will do the binding this week and do the circles next week. That way I can have them ready for the next meeting.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Quiet Sunday

This morning was another early morning. Went out and let Kitty out of the garage. We had a few minutes of TLC.

After Patrick got up, I got dressed and went to see Cherrill to get her socks on. Came back and loaded the truck up with the stuff that was Feelicia's. While I was getting the garage door open, feathers flew. Figured a poor bird got in the garage and Kitty git a meal out of it. Poor thing!

Came in to watch the game today.

Will watching Green Bay win, I. Worked on both cross stitch projects.

I started working her hand and so excited to see it come along so well.

The afghan is another two stripes done.

We had bowling tonight. Bowled a 181, 192, 170. We took 4 games, woohoo.

Happy Stitching!!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Seahawks Lost! UGH

Today started out early. We had a lot of stuff we needed to do. But I woke at 7 am and couldn't find Ziva. Come to find out, she was at Patrick's feet under the covers! After figuring out where she was, it was better to just get up. I let her out. We came back in for me to feed her.

Patrick got up and I went to the neighbors before we left for the casino. We had a good day. The last couple times we have been coming home even. So, it's nice to be entertained by the casino for a couple hours. We stopped off at my son's and did a few things for them to get prepared for them coming home.

Came home and got Ziva, then took her home. She couldn't wait to see her mommy! It was so funny how she was getting excited and couldn't wait to get home.

We came back to watch the game. Seahawks started out great, but then they went down in the tubes! We turned it after they started loosing by 13. The next thing they did made it a sure thing they would loose.

I worked on my challenge by HAED. I was able to get 100 stitches in today. That is a lot better than 40 stitches. It's a little harder to work on 25 ct fabric then I thought. It's small and hard to see at times, which seems odd to me because I do great with linen fabric and it's a lot smaller to work with.

Last night I worked on the crochet baby blanket. I've gotten another couple rows done last night. Crochet goes fast so this is coming along great. I try to do cross stitch in the afternoon and crochet in the evening. I'm not sure if I will do the crocheting today or if I'll do the cross stitch tonight.

I'm doing great with getting some stuff done this year! I'm happy with the results so far. I may actually get a few things done this year! Or I can hope! This year is here, and I'm hoping to be able to do a lot more. Let's see if I can at least get some of those things done that I have listed with the Finish-a-long challenge. I haven't won anything yet, but who knows, one of these days I just might.

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!

Friday, January 13, 2017

My Link to FINISH-A-LONG Q1 2017

Just Jude Designs

This is my "linkup" to Finish-a-long 2017. 

The following are items I want to try and finish for the first quarter of 2017. 

This are in progress, but need to be finished. I'm sure I have more, but will start with this. 

A Busy Day Around Here

We had Ziva again last night. So she slept really close to me all night. Patrick took her out in the morning before heading to work. Then she came back and climbed back in bed. I finally got up.

We went to Ruth's to say hi. Then I brought her back to the house and went to see Cherrill. Kitty followed me over there. I do miss not having Kitty in the house. I did give Kitty some TLC in the garage.

Found a spider web on the mail box. It's pretty cool how many we found today.

I made cookie dough and then I made some sourdough bread in the machine.

I had some time to work on my cross stitch again. Didn't get much done.

Only go about 40 stitches in again today. I was hoping to get started on my next 100 stitches, but with time getting away from me, it didn't happen. I am still wrapping my floss, which is putting me behind as well.

Last night I was able to get the other half done. I started with one row of yellow. I finished the yellow and then got half the purple done. I'm having fun with this and it's going so fast. I could have it done by the end of the month.

I also need to post my "finish-a-long" stuff and will do that next.

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snow Still Here, Still Stitching

Last night was our first night with our grand doggie. Zeva is a big change in the house, but fun to have. She slept at the end of the bed till about 1 am when she climbed in between the sheets next to me. It's been awhile since I had a dog that would sleep with me under the sheets.

I was up shortly after Patrick left. Zeva wanted out before I could get breakfast, so took her for a walk down the street. She didn't do her "business." So we came home, I ate breakfast and then we went back out. This time she did her business. We were going back and forth all day with walking and checking the area out.

She sat in my lap most of the day. I was working on the floss that I got last night.

I grabbed my project I had already set up to start. I decided to put the floss back in the floss box. I also was able to get some of the floss I didn't get yesterday. I was able to get all my floss ready for the HAED project I'm working on .

I was able to start working on the page. I only got 40 stitches done today because I was rolling the floss on the thread holders. I still have more to do, but will work on it tomorrow.

Of course I went and bought some more stickers for the thread holders because I couldn't find what I did with the ones I had. (I had a lot!) So, when I was putting the threads away in the box, guess what I found?! Yep, the stickers that I couldn't find! Never fails.

I worked on the afghan last night as well. I'll try to get a few more stitches in tonight if I can. I'm running behind again.

Happy Stitches!

BE Meeting And Cross Stitching

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