Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Day of Baking Sourdough!

This morning I was a little slow in getting started. I didn't need to go anywhere today so I decided to try some baking instead.

Since I have sourdough, I wanted to do some research to see what I might be doing wrong will baking bread. Man! I realized I was doing a LOT WRONG! I thought I could do sourdough just like regular bread! NAH! NO WAY! I have to do a lot different. So, I found two recipes that I wanted to try. Both off YouTube so I could see what I was doing wrong....again...a lot! I took one of the recipes and instructions to make the first batch.

I was so happy to see it was growing!! It only took most of the day, but I was thrilled to see it was actually working better than any sourdough I ever made!

After waiting an hour, Patrick couldn't wait to get his hands on it, so he cut it before I had the chance to take a photo!

I can say it was a HUGE success!! It's light and fluffy. It tastes awesome. And I didn't put as much salt in it as they told me to!

While I was working on this - all day - I was watching some "floss-tube" videos. I enjoy some of the men that show what they are working on. I'm thinking of doing a video as well. I just need to figure out how my computer does it, and I'll do it with the computer.

So, as it worked out....I DID get the quilt basted for QOV. It's in the wash, so I didn't have a photo of it. I'm so happy to finally have it done. Now it's getting washed and then dried. Hopefully Donna will be happy with it. I've got the circles to put on the quilt top - will take a photo of that when I do. I'm getting there!

Happy Quilting!

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