Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bowling Twice Today!

This morning I was up and ready to go bowling. First I enjoyed a little TLC time with Kitty then Patrick dropped me off at the pick up point. We all car pool down to Longview. Virginia drove. We got there early today. Patrick was 15 minutes early and Virginia was 10 minutes early. So, we arrived a good hour before bowling. The others ordered breakfast at the bowling alley. I ordered a BLT for lunch instead. I'm really not a breakfast person.

We bowled pretty bad. We are at the bottom of the leader board! I bowled a 158, 153, 134. Just couldn't get the 10 pin!! For a left handed person to miss the 10 pin - that's bad! I got splits as well. Couldn't strike to save my life! So, I lost all 4 games. I lost 5 pins on my average!

We got back around 2:30 pm. I worked on my "Nantucket Rose" by lavender and lace.

I've started on the neckline. She's coming along nicely. I ended up taking 50 stitches out yesterday because it was the brown I got wrong in the dress. The peach color in the dress was supposed to be brown. When I put the peach in the tree, it looked awful. So, I had to get the right color out of my DMC floss so I could do the tree right. Today I got about 100 stitches in.

Then it was off to bowling again.....I did better, but not much! I lost another pin in my average. I bowled a 144, 164, 167, with a 475 series. We lost all 4 games. Guess I couldn't win either way!

Happy Stitching!

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