Monday, January 23, 2017

Enjoying the Baking as Well as Stitching!

This morning I was up and ready to go. I went to help Cherrill and came back to enjoy my cat for a short time. The other cat cried for her to come out and she wanted out. So, I didn't see Kitty for very long today. I'm going to get her in to the Vet to get her spayed so I won't have to worry about it.

I spent several hours trying to get a video done on YouTube or FlossTube. I tried to do one on the computer, and it came out jerky. It's not that good of a video, but after several tries, I did post one. It's showing my technique of left handed cross stitch. I posted it about 3 hours ago and it was viewed once. Not bad considering I didn't tag anyone or have followers to look at it.

While I was trying to figure out the video, I baked 4 small sourdough breads. I cut the two batches in half and baked them today. One set of 2 is garlic bread. I took a bite out of Patrick's bread and it has a LOT of garlic in it! I can still taste it. lol

So, I did pretty good today.

I worked on the HAED challenge today. I figured I needed to get some work on it. I was able to get another 186 stitches done. Considering this is smaller and I only got about 2 hours in, it was a good amount. I'm trying to get it set up to do the diagonal. I'm going to try the diagonal to see who that works. I like the way it's coming along. I have the top on the diagonal and working on the middle to go the same way. I'll do the bottom later as well.

I'll work on my "Nantucket Rose" cross stitch. I've been getting closer to the tree branches. I'm hoping to get the face and tree done before too much longer.

I realized I didn't do the circles on the quilt top. I'll try and work on that later this week. I need to get started on those. I don't know how long it will take to do one, so I really should work on one to know how much time it will take me. I will be taking it to our next QOV actually, I guess I better do one tonight....ugh...I want to work on the cross stitch...but I should do the top for QOV and not stall any I keep telling myself.....ugh.

Happy Stitching!

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