Friday, January 6, 2017

Getting a Few Things Going....Still Didn't Finish Though

Today I was up shortly after Patrick left. Miss Kitty was out there waiting on me to let her in.

I pulled out some of the beads that needed pricing. I priced several boxes (small bead boxes). There were a lot of expensive beads in the boxes. I wouldn't have to price them but one of the members wants me to sell them to her group up north. Which means I have to mark everything for sale. If I could just get them on eBay and get them out of my house, I'd be happy! Once they look at the stuff and decide what they want, then I can get them up for sale and out of here. I spent 2 hours pricing and I didn't make a dent.

Then I pulled out my block for the Forest Galorest quilt mom and I are working on. Mom told me yesterday that she finished another block, which puts her at 5 I believe. I only have 2 done and this one.

I finished the firefly wings today, and basted the butterfly wings down to finish the last butterfly. Then I can work on the body. Once this is done, the we need to work on the piecing of the quilt. We will have to plan a day or two to work on the piecing. Then we have more applique to work on. Should be interesting to see how much work I'll be able to contribute since mom tends to take off like a shot.

And I would get some attitude from Kitty when it came down to me working on my block.

I wasn't able to work on the cross stitch. I need to get my challenge piece ready as well. I'll try to do that this weekend. I know the fabric is in the mail. Plus I need to buy 11 skeins of black. I have 8 skeins but I'm going to need to get more and it would be better if I get all 11 from the same dye lot.

So, since the block is on my list to finish...I guess I'm going to finish it after all. But I can't call it finished because the quilt won't be done...dang!

One thing at a thing at a time....let's see if that helps...not.

Happy Quilting!!

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