Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bowling Season Over.....

Today I was up early. Wanted to sleep more but couldn't. Went to my neighbors and she had already put on her other socks. So,we chatted instead.

Came back home and played more games. Patrick and I then went to Safeway for shopping. We did pretty good. Got 64 of the monopoly tickets, but none won. I have some stuff to enter in the computer to see if I won anything. Chances are I didn't.

I was tired earlier, and took a nap. That nap was short but it did help. Then it was time to go bowling. We had a pot luck. I was surprised at how little food there was. Members of the league brought their children with them. Of course those were the first ones in line as well.

We had "fun night" which is 9 pin no tap and monty carlo in one game. That means if we bowl a 9 pin, and we have a colored pin in the right place, then we win money. Like when the red pin is in front, that would be a $1. I made $12 and Patrick wasn't on tonight. He only got $5.

I bowled a 266, 202, 177. Kinda ran out of steam. Plus the 10th frame I bowled my first ball between my legs. I only got 1 pin, and didn't pick them all up! lol It was fun! We have one more fun night in a couple weeks.

Yesterday I was able to get part of the third penguin done. I haven't done much lately on it, and hoping to get more done tomorrow. I have my two projects ready for the cruise. I'm getting there.

I will work on showing my finished pieces that were framed. I had three back yesterday and sent two more off to be framed. I'm looking forward to seeing who the other two come out. One is Nantucket Rose and I hope she's going look great with the frame we picked.

In the mean time - Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Working on Genealogy

Today I was up early again. Seems I tend to be having a hard time sleeping lately. I was tired, but just couldn't get comfortable.

We went to the casino and has a good time.

Came back and picked up my stitching works that I had framed. They look really good! Patrick liked them so much that he hung them up. That will make it hard for me to show on my video next week. I'll take a few pictures of them and paste them in the video.

Since I've been picked to do a test on a genealogy program, I worked on my family history. I was able to add another 200 people to my files. Both mine and Patrick's. I found two generations of Patrick's that is in Luxembourg. Took it back to the 1700's.

I didn't get to work on my cross stitch today as I would have liked, but I have 48 hours to work on my program. Since today is the first 24 hours, I have tomorrow and then it's done.

We took 2 more pieces to get framed. I can't wait to see who they come out. One of them is Nantucket Rose. Both cost me less than $150. I'm okay with that.

I hope everyone has a great day! Happy Quilting! Happy Stitching!

Friday, April 28, 2017

A Busy Day.....Working

Today I started out early. Didn't want to get up but did. Then went to help my neighbor.

After that, I headed over to BRCI to work. Carol was gone but the others were there. I spent 3.5 hrs scanning papers.

Came home to vacuum, laundry and take care of Kitty.

Michaels called today to say my framed pieces are in! We'll pick them up tomorrow and see if I can get 2 more framed tomorrow. I can hope!! lol

Working on my cross stitching when I can tonight.

Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Busy Thursday With Applique And Stitching

Started out pretty early. I called Cherrill to see if she needed me today. She said not today. I then enjoyed the usual TLC time with Kitty. She seems to count on it. She wanted out before I was to leave, so that worked out good.

I had to go to the doctors to get a blood test done. I hadn't eaten and was starving when I was done at 10 am. I went to DQ but they weren't open till 10:30 am. So, I ate some crackers that were in the car.

Arrived at our meeting at 10:10 am. I was the first one there. We slowly got members coming in. I worked on my eagle wing.

I had all but the tip of the wing done. It went really fast.

Went to DQ for a $5 lunch. Brought it home and then worked on my secretary duties with our water system.

Checked youtube to see how my video did and saw "Stitching with a Smile" started her group stitch a long. So, I started my Hardanger work. I got the star done. Not sure how well I did but, I finished it and am ready to start the next step. I took the piece out about 3 x's because I messed up. I just hope it's okay now.

This was the first part that was taken out.

So got it done finally.

Then I worked on my stocking. I'm getting a few stitches in when I can. The strips are not the piece - that's the light reflecting in my phone lens. I worked on the black part at the top.

So, it's been a busy day, and was called into work for tomorrow and this weekend. So, I'll see if I can get a few more stitches in. Hard to say. I do love working on my cross stitch!

Happy Quilting- Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Enjoying Cross Stitching

This morning I was up early. Cherrill called and didn't need me today. Kitty and I enjoyed our TLC time. She was in and out most of the day.

I worked on my Beautiful Sea sal. I was thrilled to be caught up.

I have one more part to add, then it will be done. I believe it comes out next Friday, but I will double check on Friday.

I'm getting pretty good at using the glossy floss. Good thing I had some in the house already or I'd have to buy more.

I redid my flosstube video. I looked at it today and found my sound to my talking was off. Couldn't fix it so redid the video. I also have the pattern as a giveaway on my video. So, if you want it, leave a comment on my flosstube.

I'm hoping my framed work is done this week. I'm going to take 2 more and see if I get another good deal. I can't wait to start another one but its got to wait till I finish one. My sal will be done, then I'll start another one. Woo hoo!

Tomorrow is quilting with the group. I'm going to work on my eagles tomorrow. Hopefully I get the wings of the second one done. Need to work on the body!

Happy Stitching and Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Flosstube and Dr. Appointment

I couldn't sleep much last night. Finally got to sleep and the phone rang at 4:30 am. That made it worse. Took over 1 1/2 hour to go back to sleep. Woke at 8:30 am. Called Cherrill and told her I would be another hour.

Enjoyed my time with Kitty. Then headed over to Cherrills. Visited for another hour and came home.

Loaded the camera on my computer and video taped my flosstube. Loaded it the first time and realized the editing wasn't on it, so I deleted and started over. The video is 25 mins but it took me 2 1/4 hours to work on it. By the time I was done, it was time to take Cherrill up to Olympia.

While up there I worked on the wings of my second eagle.

We got back around 4:30 pm.

I posted this pattern on Instagram. I put it up for sale. I'm asking $8 for it and that includes shipping. So far no takers. It's like new if not new because I always make copies to work with. If anyone reading this would like the pattern, message me.

This is what I finished last night. Got everything I took out back in.

It's be

Monday, April 24, 2017

Brazilian Embroidery Meeting and Dentist Visit

This morning I was up and ready to go. I enjoyed some TLC with my Kitty till about 8:10 am. Then called to make an appointment with the doctors.....that lasted 45 mins waiting time.

Have you even had one of those days when you call the number they give you to find out you have to wait. Don't you just love the recording that repeats itself several times - that one that says, "thanks for holding, someone will be with you shortly."?  Yep, that one! It must have repeated itself every quarter minute! After about 20 mins waiting on a person, I got a gal. Talked to her and told her what I needed. She then decided I needed to talk to someone else. Waited another 10 mins for that call. We chatted and she decided I needed to talk to another gal. Off I went, but only waited about 2 mins. Finally got my appointment - way out in JUNE!! UGH

By the time I was done, I had to run out the door to get Cherrill. We decided since I had a dental appointment at 11 am, that she would drive over instead. She followed me over there. She was working with Pat on embroidery while I worked with the others to get our gift for Seminar gift packages. We had 43 done by the time I came back.

I had to leave the meeting and go to my dentist. I was thrilled it didn't take as long as it usually does! I hate going to the dentist. I told them it isn't that I don't like them, I don't like what they do! After all the work that was done on me, I can't sit in the chair without being tense.

I got back to the group about 11:55 am. They were just finishing up. I help with about 10 more. Then we packed up. I have a few things I need to do before we meet next time. Hopefully we will finish what we have left.

Came home and played a few games. Got the oven on "clean" and put some laundry in the wash. Also cleaned up the kitchen.

I worked on this piece. I just ripped out this bottom part.

I had it finished but found I was off in the middle of the bottom. So, it was taken out. Pain in the butt because it took just as long to take it out as it did to put it in. I'm working on this tonight to get it caught up. I want to get this done.

Don't know where it's going or who's getting it. It's not something I want in my house, but I do love the piece. If someone asked me for it, I would probably give it or sell it to them.

Happy Stitching! Happy Quilting!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Quiet Sunday Afternoon - Then Bowling

This morning I enjoyed sleeping till 7:30 am. Couldn't sleep any longer as much as I would have loved to. Woke up an hour before and went back to sleep. Got Kitty out of the garage and we enjoyed a couple hours together. I played on the tablet for a while. But now that one of my games reset itself and I'm waiting on the game "help" to actually help me, I can't play it. So, I was ready to call it good for the morning. Patrick slept till about 10 am.

We then worked on laundry and clean up for a little bit. Watching bowling on TV.

I worked on my cross stitch while we watched bowling and a movie. I was able to roll the bar. I'm in the middle of the stocking. I'm going to see if one of my quilter friends will do the stocking. If she won't then I'll see what Vonna will charge. I know I can't do the stocking the way it should be done.

We went bowling and I bowled a 173, 213, 154 for a 540 series. Not the best. I wish I could have done better on the last game but had too many splits. Patrick didn't do so good. I beat him all three games. Woo Hoo! That's what I used to do years ago! I'm hoping this continues!

Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Quiet Saturday - Compared to Others!

We were both up early today. I had trouble sleeping. My hip was hurting.

We went to our usual place on a Saturday. We had a good time. We didn't stay long. lol

I forgot to show this yesterday. The deer was at Cherrill's when I went to help her. I scared it when I came around the corner from the road.

Came home and watched TV. We watched 2 movies. One from the 1940's and one from 2000's.

I was able to get the "y" done and the penguin. It's coming along great. I have 2 penguins done now.

I have a snowflake to put by the belly. A few more around the penguins. Now I'm starting on the "O" and should get the third penguin started by the end of the night.

I also got my two patterns I got for HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) that I'm dying to start! One is of a house, the other is of a cat on the sewing machine. I love them both!

May you have a great day Happy Stitching - or - Happy Quilting!

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Sun Was Out Today!

This morning I was up early while Patrick slept in. I went over to Cherrill's to help her with her socks. Then I helped her with I was helping her fill in the information on the computer. I took my tablet so I could give her the information I had on my ancestry page. She took that information and entered it into her tree. She was starting fresh. I was giving her the "ropes" around the site. I spent all morning with her, but we got a lot done.

Came home and had lunch.

Then went around and took photos of the beautiful day and what all is out there.

This was before Patrick mowed the yard.

Patrick's favorite flower - lilac tree.

Rhodies are starting to bloom on a couple bushes.

Kitty messing around with me.

She wouldn't let me pet her, but she would play with me.

Love how she teases!

 Then sat and watched some "Who DO You Think You Are" shows. I really enjoy those. Cindy Crawford was from Royalty. I did see a name in her tree that I think is in mine. Not sure and will double check that later. I do know Foley is related to my husband.

While I was watching the shows I worked on my cross stitch.

The "Y" is almost done. So is the penguin. I'm having fun with these but ended up taking out almost as much as I put in yesterday! I couldn't believe it! Taking out the glossy stuff is a pain! Then I end up wasting it and it isn't cheap!

Fell asleep before supper. Now it's back to watching TV and getting the penguin done tonight! I will be working on my ancestry stuff before 8 pm though.

Happy Stitching! Happy Quilting! Happy Hunting!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

No One To Visit, No One Came To Visit....YEA

This morning I was up with Patrick. Couldn't go back to sleep. I had the day to myself, and loved it.

Kitty and I enjoyed some TLC for a couple hours. She loves sleeping on my lap. While she sleeps, I work on my games or cross stitch. It works out pretty good. Till the phone rings or I have to get up. Then she's ready to leave again.

I went downstairs to work on my envelope bags for the new frames.

I wanted to get the velco on the bag to finish the one I made awhile back.

First I made the log bag for the bars. This is where I keep my new bars of my scroll frames.

They fit in great.

My next step was to make a smaller one for my side bars.

They fit in very well. It looks great and now I can keep these beautiful wood frames in good condition. I didn't want them to be out in the open where they could be dropped, hit, or even scratched. All three where finished by the afternoon. That gave me time to do other stuff.

I got my threads from 1-2-3 Stitch yesterday. They all seem to look the same. I wanted a varigated but didn't get one. Not sure what I was getting. It's funny though because the "neutral" looks the same as the "082" which means there isn't much change. Next time I'll tell them what I want and go for that. I did set up my piece and now I'm ready for the next video that will teach us how to do the hardanger. I'm looking forward to working on it.

After all that got done, and I finished getting supper in the oven, I worked on my Christmas Stocking. I'm not too crazy about the glitter floss. It's getting to be a pain. The problem is when I make a mistake, take the work out, then the floss is unraveling like crazy. So, I do what I can, then have to end it off. I do waste a lot of the glitter floss at times. I'm doing what I can. It's turning out okay. I do like the looks of it when I finish it. Should be interesting to see. The glitter floss is pretty much half of the whole design.

I'm going to be enjoying tonight - Cross Stitching!

Happy Stitching! Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Not My Day....Kinda Day

This morning Patrick was gone before 6 am. I slept till 7:30 am. It felt good to get a good night sleep. Even though I went to bed at 10 pm, got up at 10:30 pm because I couldn't sleep. Then I worked on my cross stitch till 11:30 pm. I got quiet a bit done, which made me feel good.

I went to the neighbors, then I got a call from mom. She wanted to know when I was going over because the neighbor was having a garage sale and she wanted to go over. I told her to give me 30 mins. I was enjoying my time with Kitty, but got ready to leave. I was over at moms by 10 am. She got her stuff ready and told me what I needed to do while she was gone. They will be gone for about a month. So, I get stuck with what needs to be done while she's gone.

Then we went over to the neighbors garage sale. We bought a few things. I even bought a couple Easter decorations. I also bought some pots, and mom bought a lot more. She bought 2 Christmas Santas. Both movable. I loved them! Trouble is - I have plenty of Christmas stuff and don't have room for any more.

Came home around 2 pm. I stopped at A&W for a root beer float. That was pretty much my lunch! lol

I worked on laundry when I got home. I brought home some food that mom wanted to get rid of. So, I put that away.

My "Y" is coming into shape. I've used up one of my gloss floss bobbins. I have one left, but I may have to use my other gloss floss. I really don't want to have to buy more. If I do, I have to get it on line. No shops around here. A big PAIN!

We had bowling tonight. I bowled a 158, 183, 257. Got better as I went. Had a clean game the last game. We won 3 games. I beat Patrick in series by 18 pins. He actually was doing a lot better with a 203, 225 and then bombed on the third game. I think it was a 156. Can't remember the last game. Felt good to have another 200 game. One more week of bowling then we have a break and go back.

May is coming up and we are getting close to relaxing for the summer. Plus next month is our cruise!! Can't wait!

Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Day Didn't Turn Out As Planned - What Else Is NEW?!

Today started out early. Went to the neighbors to help her with her socks. Then went to Ruth's to help her out as well. Got both of them going. Then came home to work on laundry.

I also had to find the "Nantucket Rose" pattern. I put it in a "safe" place, and we all know how that goes with me. So when I finally figured out what I did with it, it was 45 mins later. I am mailing it out tomorrow.

While I was doing laundry and just about ready to sit down to work on my cross stitch - mom called and the doorbell rang at the same time. I told mom I'd call her back and answered the door. It was a package from Fed Ex that I had to sign for. YES, YES, YES!! My Scroll Frames FINALLY made it!
I was jumping for joy!! And I got a candy bar in there too!

I HAD to put my stuff on the frames! They are BIG frames, but exactly what I wanted.

This is how big it is! A big piece. I may order the smaller sets later. I'm so pleased with these frames.

Beautiful frames. I'm so happy with them. Patrick was saying how big they are. I needed to get the smaller ones. Told him I do, but I'll get those later. Right now these are fine. I have all the sizes I need, and I'll order the others later this summer. It was funny how it took 10 days to get to me once it made it to the US.

I then got ready to make supper and realized I took out the wrong things. So, I had to figure out something different for supper.....kinda the way my day was going!

I did get a few minutes in to do cross stitch!

Bottom of penguin is done and now I'm working on the "Y" that he's playing in.

So, I received an email from "relative race" to contact dad. His DNA matched with a contestant on the show and they wanted to talk to him. I gave them his information after I watched the show. It's really fascinating how they are on a race to meet members of their families. Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Cousins and more. I'm not sure how dad matched up, but it will be interesting if they end up on the show.

Now, since today has been one of "this and that" and not anything of what I had hoped for. Tomorrow I'm going to visit the folks and say my goodbyes before they go off to visit my brother and his family.

Bowling is coming to an end. We have this week and then a week between for fun night. Since we didn't win, we won't be bowling next week.

Life is good, I'm still waiting on my orders, and I am getting excited about getting them. I wish they would get here faster, but that's how the mail is.

Best wishes, and Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Brazilian Embroidery Meeting Day

This morning I was up early - still tired.

Went to the neighbors and she wasn't able to go with me to the meeting. She wasn't feeling good. So, I went to our meeting. I took my old sewing machine so we could do some sewing if we needed it. I had to come back home and get some threads and the extra feet. We were able to get some of the stuff done for Seminar. Because this is for Seminar, I'm not going to give it away just yet. I'm thinking I will post what we're doing on the week we are out of town.

When we were cleaning up, I accidentally dropped my box OPENED! So, we picked up all the threads and threw them in the box. I figured I'd take care of it when I get home.

So, it took me another hour to get them back in order. I'm not sure if I did a good job with getting the colors in order, but at least I got them back in the box! I couldn't believe I dumped this box on the floor! I made sure it snapped shut when I was done!

Then I took the afternoon working on my cross stitch. I did get one of the flippers done. That's about all I got done.

Happy Stitching and Happy Quilting!

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Today started out early. I was up and got to enjoy Kitty for awhile before Katt and her cat came upstairs. As soon as I heard her, I was moving fast to get Kitty out of the house. Katt's cat is Harley and my cats don't like it when she comes for a visit.

Katt and I made some homemade bread (muffins) for our Easter meal. We also got a few other things ready for our meal. Mom and dad showed up around 12:30 pm after church. We were ready to eat by 1:15 pm. Had a great visit with the folks, but they had to leave early to go back home to see my nephew and his family. We didn't have them over because this was a special day with Katt and she doesn't do babies.

Between cooking and waiting on the folks -

I was able to get part of the second penguin. It's really coming along fast.

We had bowling tonight, I bowled a 183, 179, 149 - 501 series UGH! Might drop my average but not sure. Have a 175 average right now. We lost 3 games. The other team had high bowlers that bowled 200+ games.

Happy Easter! Happy Quilting! Happy Stitching!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Working, Helping and Enjoying Company

This morning I was up early enough to be able to enjoy Kitty. Then I helped Patrick and we cleaned up. I had to leave by 9 am and got to work. I was working for BRCI.

While cleaning up, I cleaned up my quilt room some more. I put the Forest Galorest pattern in the draw. This is the colors we were working on for the Owl in the corner (by the Q). I'll work on it later.

I didn't have to work long, so came home to clean some more. As we were cleaning I had a text from Ruth that she couldn't get into her internet. I walked down to see what I could do for her. It took an hour and a half, but we were able to get it fixed. Had to call CenturyLink to get it fixed.

Walked home and Katt was here. We then went down to Longview and had lunch at Red Lobster. On the way back we all decided to go to the movie "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST." I loved seeing it again. Katt loved as well.

We then came home and I was able to get some cross stitch in! I was really getting withdrawal since I didn't get to work on it yesterday.

I'm getting close to getting the second penguin done. The "Y" is coming along great. I am finding the Rainbow glitter is going fast! I may have to use the glitter floss I have. I'm really not wanting to order more.

Tomorrow is Easter. I hope you all have a great Easter!

Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

Friday, April 14, 2017

A Day At Moms

This morning start out quiet. I did go to the neighbors. Then I headed over to moms to help her with her returns.

I arrived and got her outfits set for return. Put the labels on the packages and they were ready to go back in the mail. Then we talked about one of my UFO's that I was hoping to get rid of. After checking everything we came up with a solution. That will be explained on one of my vacation days.

Then we pulled out the Forest Galorest quilt that we are doing together. The applique blocks are done. So we needed to work on the 9 -patch blocks that go in the middle area.

We needed to add an inch to the block. BUT when we started figuring the block out, we forgot to figure in the other border to the 9-patch. SO, this is the first set of blocks we made and then realized they were too big. This is a 12 1/2" block that still needed another border. So, we had to start over again.

We then followed the instructions. The center 9 patch was framed.

Then we added another 1/2" to the next frame of brown. This would help when we added the last border.

The squares in the corner are darker than the sashing piece. We added 1/2" to this last border as well. We finished 4 of them that were required. Mom is going to trim all the blocks and put them together. Once the quilt is put together, then we can start working on the applique animals around the borders.

I brought home the owl to work on. I will get the pieces together so we can just lay them down and applique them on.

Came home and told Patrick about Micheal's having a 70% sale on their custom framing. I pulled out all my stuff that needed to be framed. We picked 3 pieces and took them over to Michaels. Patrick picked the frame and matting for the lightpost one I finished awhile back. We also took my two Hungarian embroidery pieces. By the time we left, we spent $220. on all three. The expensive one is the lightpost. I think it will be good. I disagreed with the green he wanted, but we did it anyway. I'll be fine with it.

I then cleaned up some email and still need to get back to my ancestry stuff. I'll see what happens.

In the meantime - be Happy Quilting and/or Stitching!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Rainy Day, What's New?!

This morning slept in. Then when Patrick was up, we went to the casino to use up the casino money. It was only for today, so we spent their money. Plus we spent a little more.

Got home and Patrick went working out in the yard. He trimmed a few trees around the house. Hard to believe how much he cut! But it was needed badly. Poor guy is getting too old to do all that work!

While he was doing that, I was doing laundry. Hard to believe how much laundry 2 people make!! Anyway, worked on laundry and watched "Who Do You Think You Are?"

Plus I had a visit from Kitty. Then she left. Then she came back.....a few times. Then I didn't see her for a few hours. Then around supper she came in.

I was working on the "Y" and started on the next penguin. The white and blue area is all glittery with the Rainbow glitter. I have gotten used to using it. The good news is that I haven't wasted a lot of it so far.......hope that is going to continue. It uses a lot of glitter.

I'm still waiting on my scroll frames. They arrived in the US on the 7th, and I'm still waiting for it to arrive at my house. The tracking number doesn't seem to be tracked here in the US so I don't know what is taking so long! Probably customs!

I am still waiting on some of my purchases. I thought I would have one of them by now, but nope. So, I guess it's going to be a good week before I get anything...ugh. Just because I'm waiting on them.

Kitty's in the garage, shows are on, and I'm ready to get back to stitching!

Best wishes and Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Another Day of Cleaning and Stitching

This morning I was up early so I could go to the neighbors to help her with her stocking. I walked over and noticed she had company, so I called her instead. She said her daughter was there and that she forgot to tell me she wouldn't need me today or tomorrow. She wasn't sure about Friday. I figured that was okay, I got a walk out of it.

Came home and played games. Then I went downstairs to work on my quilt room.

This is where I started. Had to clean this up and more.

I went through my boxes and cleaned them out. I found a couple UFO/WIP's that I am going to set up for when I'm on vacation on the cruise. That way, I'll still be posting something to read. When I get back, I'll have a lot more to post.

I went through all the needles that were given to me.

I add them to my box of other needles. Guess I have plenty to do anything with!

My box before -

My box after filling it with all those needles! I should find anything I'm looking for when it comes to needles and sizes. Wish me luck! I just hope I don't have to buy any more!!

Kitty stayed upstairs while I worked downstairs. I took the quilt frame down and enjoyed the fireplace since it was chilly down there.

About 1 pm I came back upstairs. I was working on laundry as well as the cleaning. I mopped the kitchen floor and vacuumed. I figured out one of our mops is better than the other one! If I could only get a good mop that actually works right!

Then I sat down and worked on my cross stitch.

I worked on the next penguin's scarf. I used some floss that I didn't have anywhere to go, I decided to do the snowflake. It turned out pretty good.

I then ordered some threads for the SAL Hardanger. I got the linen in my supplies - actually it's the one that grandmother had. It's a perfect fit. I just need to cut it. I'm looking forward to starting that. When I do, I'll post what I've been doing.

We had bowling tonight. I bowled a 146, 204, 178. Not my best, but it worked. Since our partners were not there, we lost 3 1/2 games. Which means we won 1/2 game. That will actually give a a full game because we seem to keep splitting games.

Tomorrow and Friday Patrick is taking off. Who knows what we will be doing...but we'll be having fun!

Happy Quilting and Happy Stitching!

BE Meeting And Cross Stitching

This morning was our BFF (BE meeting) day. I was all ready to go. Called Cherry to see if she was going. She was waiting on the guys that do...