Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Busy Thursday With Applique And Stitching

Started out pretty early. I called Cherrill to see if she needed me today. She said not today. I then enjoyed the usual TLC time with Kitty. She seems to count on it. She wanted out before I was to leave, so that worked out good.

I had to go to the doctors to get a blood test done. I hadn't eaten and was starving when I was done at 10 am. I went to DQ but they weren't open till 10:30 am. So, I ate some crackers that were in the car.

Arrived at our meeting at 10:10 am. I was the first one there. We slowly got members coming in. I worked on my eagle wing.

I had all but the tip of the wing done. It went really fast.

Went to DQ for a $5 lunch. Brought it home and then worked on my secretary duties with our water system.

Checked youtube to see how my video did and saw "Stitching with a Smile" started her group stitch a long. So, I started my Hardanger work. I got the star done. Not sure how well I did but, I finished it and am ready to start the next step. I took the piece out about 3 x's because I messed up. I just hope it's okay now.

This was the first part that was taken out.

So got it done finally.

Then I worked on my stocking. I'm getting a few stitches in when I can. The strips are not the piece - that's the light reflecting in my phone lens. I worked on the black part at the top.

So, it's been a busy day, and was called into work for tomorrow and this weekend. So, I'll see if I can get a few more stitches in. Hard to say. I do love working on my cross stitch!

Happy Quilting- Happy Stitching!

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