Friday, April 21, 2017

The Sun Was Out Today!

This morning I was up early while Patrick slept in. I went over to Cherrill's to help her with her socks. Then I helped her with I was helping her fill in the information on the computer. I took my tablet so I could give her the information I had on my ancestry page. She took that information and entered it into her tree. She was starting fresh. I was giving her the "ropes" around the site. I spent all morning with her, but we got a lot done.

Came home and had lunch.

Then went around and took photos of the beautiful day and what all is out there.

This was before Patrick mowed the yard.

Patrick's favorite flower - lilac tree.

Rhodies are starting to bloom on a couple bushes.

Kitty messing around with me.

She wouldn't let me pet her, but she would play with me.

Love how she teases!

 Then sat and watched some "Who DO You Think You Are" shows. I really enjoy those. Cindy Crawford was from Royalty. I did see a name in her tree that I think is in mine. Not sure and will double check that later. I do know Foley is related to my husband.

While I was watching the shows I worked on my cross stitch.

The "Y" is almost done. So is the penguin. I'm having fun with these but ended up taking out almost as much as I put in yesterday! I couldn't believe it! Taking out the glossy stuff is a pain! Then I end up wasting it and it isn't cheap!

Fell asleep before supper. Now it's back to watching TV and getting the penguin done tonight! I will be working on my ancestry stuff before 8 pm though.

Happy Stitching! Happy Quilting! Happy Hunting!

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