Sunday, May 21, 2017

Changed My Mind

In cleaning out my quilt room and finding some UFO's.

This one was one I that would be considered a SAL. (Stitch-a-long)

Mom's group saw this pattern and decided they wanted to make the quilt. We ordered 8 books and 8 of us decided we would make the quilt.

We talked about how we would do the center. But then most of us decided to do the flowers first. Some did pink and some did yellow. I decided to do blue. I believe 3 have finished all the flowers that go around in the border next to the center.

I actually finished 4 blocks. There are 3 different patterns for the flowers.

Block #5 is right here. Needs to be finished.

These are all the colors that I was going to use in the quilt. YEP, WAS GOING TO.

I took all the fabric and folded them to put them away. I also put the book in my bookshelf to call it good! I decided I will finish some blocks of flowers and see if I can put them in a different quilt top. Not something I'm wanting to do right away. I have added this to my quilting box. ANOTHER project that I'll be working on when with quilting friends.

I have tons of fabric for this quilt!

May you have a great day - Happy Quilting and/or Happy Stitching!

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