Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hello Saturday!

This Saturday started out like all the others. We went to the casino - didn't last long and then headed over to the VF store. I picked out some shorts. I needed another pair of shorts to take with me on the cruise. Next stop was the grocery store. Needed to figure out what we wanted for supper.

Came home and enjoyed a few shows.

My magnifying glass arrived in the mail. It's bigger than I expected. But it should work on my new frames. It doesn't work on the frames I'm using now, because it's so top heavy. It tends to move my scroll. The new ones don't roll.

I got a few more stitches in on my penguin. I have the penguin done, but have to finish the hat. It's really going to pop when I do the backstitching! I worked on it for a while then I remembered I needed to work on the quilt.

So, I sat down and worked on the binding. I have one side done already and will get more done tonight and tomorrow. I have two to bind and two to wash and get ready for our meeting. At least I have time to do them. Our meeting is the Tuesday after we get back.

Patrick picked up my framed work yesterday and by this afternoon they were up on the wall. I like where he put them. I think he's liking the work on the wall. At first he didn't know if he wanted my work on the wall because we had so much on the wall already. I decided I wanted to replace my family photos with my crafts. I think it looks better.

Life is good. Things are getting done and I'm getting a lot done.

Happy Quilting! Happy Stitching!

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