Thursday, August 17, 2017

Spent The Day In Vancouver

This morning I was up and over to Cherrill's early.

Came home and played a few games before mom and dad came. I had to drive us to Vancouver. We were on our way to see my great niece and enjoy her Birthday party. It started at 2 pm and we arrived there around 2:10 pm. My nephew Zac was up in Seattle for an interview and was supposed to come from Seattle all the way down to Vancouver to meet up with us.

We arrived with mom and dad's dog. Since the dog wasn't allowed in the house, she was outside in the yard. We had stopped and got lunch before we headed down there. As it turned out they were waiting on us to have lunch. The minute we arrived they started to eat the food. I didn't have  problem with that. I wish I had known that before we left, but then mom and dad ate when we got there. I had some sweets, which wasn't a good idea for me, but oh well.

Mom and Lisa's mom got in to a discussion with Lisa's Uncle over religion. Mom and Lisa's mom where very one sided on the religion, while her Uncle and I were another. It was a big topic the whole time we were there, but I just listened to them. I tried to stay out of the discussion as much as I could. I did put in the fact that the bible was written by man, and then let them go. It was interesting. I believe religion is a "personal" thing and not something I need to convince someone else into believing. I'll leave it at that. Even though mom said she prays for me because of what I believe.

We ended up staying till 5-5:30 pm. Then it was time to come home. I drove all the way back. It was a good ride. We got home in good timing. Arrived home at 7 pm. I was hoping to be home sooner to work on my crafts, but that's okay. I enjoyed an awesome day with my great niece. She's a sweet heart. I was thrilled to see my beads arrived in the mail! Now I have the beads for my cross stitch piece.

Since my camera died on the way home, I can't show any photos. I will try to remember to post them tomorrow.

Life is good, Life is fun and I'm thinking about being Happy Quilting and Happy Stitching.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Had A Fun Day!

Today I actually relaxed for the day. I enjoyed having a day to myself.

I started out with enjoying my game time. Then I decided it was time to watch a few shows that I didn't get to see earlier. Love taping them for later. I watched 3 of them and deleted them when I was done.

I was actually trying to figure out how I could cross stitch and video tape at the same time. That way people could see how I do it. Not sure how it will work with the camera I bought. I'm a little ticked with the camera because it's not matching my voice with my mouth. I'll probably try it out on Friday. We are going to my great niece's 1st Birthday party tomorrow. Which means we are going to Vancouver WA.

I'm almost to the point of starting the skin. I have another set of rows to do, then I'll be at the skin point.

Yesterday I wasn't able to do much of anything. I took Art to the Casino.

I was doing pretty good with walking today. Didn't make the 10,000 steps, but getting close. I'm still getting my 250 steps an hour when I can.

Life is good, and all going great! Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Monday, August 14, 2017

An Awesome Day With Brazilian Embroidery Friends

I was up and ready to go. Called Cherrill to see if she was going to the meeting today. She said she couldn't, she had a ton of things she had to do today. She's been having trouble with her rental house and getting that fixed before renters moved in. Now that they moved in, she has to contact them to fix the fireplace. I did go over and get her brace on her ankle. Poor lady has to wear compression socks and how has to put a brace on her right ankle.Guess she wasn't walking right and it was causing problems with her back.

After I left her, I headed to our meeting. It was funny. I arrived about 5 mins late, and there was already 4 members there. I'm usually the first one there after Pat. We talked about our class we are going to have with Virginia Chapman in October. We still need to decide what we are going to work on while she's here. It will cost $35 for the class. I let everyone know Rita is going to be selling the BE floss and some kits. I also told them I'm teaching a beginner class. I also told the others that they could teach the intermediate and advanced classes. It will be fun! We talked about having to find a place to have our meeting on the 11th, because the church is going to have the carpets cleaned or replaced. Everyone wanted to come here, and I was okay with that.

I finished the embroidery on the black and white bird. I need to do the wing for that one. When I cam back home, I did the wing of the brown bird. I had started work on the wing, and decided to finish it when I got home.

Now I'm working on the black and white wing. I realized I need to do the yellow and red on the tip of the wing. One can get the idea of where it covers. I'll work on this later. It will take some time. Then I can get started on the last bird! I'm getting it done!

After supper, I decided to get back to my cross stitch. I was thinking how funny it was that Bev was talking some of cross stitch fabrics. She was dishing some of the fabrics I use. I thought it was funny. She didn't want to hear what I had to say about the fabrics. I was okay with that. Actually used to people thinking I don't know anything about some of the crafts I do. Guess that's where this comes in handy. They can come to my blog and see I know a little more then they think I do.

Guess if I put more of my stuff in the fair, I wouldn't get that attitude, but truthfully, I really don't care. When I finish stuff then they are shocked. But I'm not that type of person. I love doing what I do, and I don't have to prove to anyone that I know what I'm doing. I love learning from others and that's good enough for me.

I finished up the left side but have more white to show too. This was a piece I thought I wouldn't like but since I changed the purples, I like the change. It's brighter and looks a lot better in my mind. I rarely change colors of what I'm doing but in this case, I really didn't want to work with the muddled up colors they had.

I posted a couple cross stitch pattern books on eBay. I need to get rid of them, and hate to throw them away. I really would rather give them away. Oh, well.

Today was another awesome day! I enjoyed spending it with good friends. I was invited to go to lunch at Denny's but turned it down. Told her I'd join her next time, and I believe I will! I love spending time with the gals down south. We have members that come from all over and the longest trip to our meetings is from Ocean Shores - a good hour and a half away. Where Ruth moved to. We had a good visit! It was worth it.

Having days like today make life worth it! Good friends, good fun - Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Had An Awesome Day With Cross Stitch and Seahawks!

This morning I slept another 2 hours on the couch. It felt good. When I got up, I wasn't feeling good. My stomach didn't seem to like getting up. But then I did have a headache too boot! So, I took my migraine exederine and called it good.

Patrick went to the store. He picked up a few things. I stayed home.

So, the afternoon was spending it in front of the TV watching some movies. Then we watched the game.

In between the game and commercials, I was baking bread. Our bread didn't come out very well, but the one I made for the neighbors looked a lot better! Theirs wasn't done till 8 pm tonight because they went to the Mariner's game in Seattle.

I was working on my Marabilia piece. I'm getting close to the skin area. When I get there, I'm going to do it 1 x 1 instead of the 2 x 2 method. I like the way the skin looks. I'm even looking at my "Quiltmaker" piece on the wall, and thinking of redoing it with the skin change. I may do that yet.

I worked on laundry and got about 3 loads done. Need to do 3 more, since Patrick pulled the rugs out to be washed. I'll do them tomorrow. We have embroidery tomorrow and I need to get my stuff from downstairs and bring it up to take with me.

It's coming along great. I'm getting farther up the piece. 

Life is good, I'm still getting stuff done. It's coming along great! Can't wait to see more! Tomorrow I'll be working on my birds. Staying Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Enjoying A Cool Saturday

This morning I went to the couch to sleep. My back was bothering me. Funny, but I actually slept till 8:30 am on the couch. Now that was a first in a very long time. I'm usually on the couch for an hour tops.

We did the usual trip to the casino and they had a car show going. We couldn't find a place to park, but once we did, we ended up staying 3 hours. We did pretty good today.

After the casino we headed over to Ann's house. She and her husband were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. We had a little bit to eat and then watched a video about the wedding and 50 years. I was surprised they didn't have more in the middle - like having their daughter and things they did while married.

Then we came home and I baked a Blueberry Bowtie Cake. More like a coffee cake. Got a good recipe from my daughter in law that I use. It's really good.

After that I played a few games. Now I'm about ready to head to my chair and work on my cross stitch. I haven't touched it in awhile. I'm getting withdrawal from my cross stitch.

Still need to do the next needle case for my cross stitch. My beads haven't arrived and I'm debating if I'll add the bead before I finish or wait till the end. I'm thinking it would be better to wait.

Life is good, life is fun! We all deserve to be Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Enjoyed A Great Day With Quilt Friends and My Nephew

This morning I was up early because Art called to make sure we were set for Tuesday. I told him we are going Tuesday. He then asked me if I could remember to bring his medallion that he gave me to do the research on. I told him I would look for it, because I forgot what I did with it. I had the paperwork for it as well, and thought I threw it out.

After hanging up with him, I started looking for the medallion. I looked in the draw where I used to keep it, nothing. I looked in the basket I had by my table, nothing. I looked in the box that I have at m table, again nothing. Getting close to 9 am, so went to help Cherrill. We talked about how I was looking for the medallion and commenting that we keep looking till we find what we are looking for. Got back home around 9:20 am. I needed to get moving to mom's. BUT I couldn't! I needed to look some more. So, I went downstairs, looking at where I would have or could have put it....nothing. I went through my jewelry boxes...nothing. Called Patrick and asked where he might have seen it last or if he remembered it - where would I put it. While I was talking to him, I looked in the dinning room cabinet, nothing. Then I went to the place we put my keys when I put them away, still chatting with Patrick, than there it was!! In the ash tray (NO WE DON"T SMOKE) it was laying in the bottom. YEAH! So, I got the papers and the medallion and headed to moms. I stopped at Art's place and gave it to him. He was surprised and told me I didn't have to bring it right away. I told him I had to look for it, and I didn't want to forget to bring it. This way he has it and I don't have to worry about it. Also chatted about how I called and left a message as well as sent a email to the person he wanted me to contact. No reply. So, he was happy to get it back and I was happy it's out of the house again. This was the second time he had giving it to me.

Got to moms and only two others were there. Judy and Ethel. Judy said hi, and I remembered I had her charm from BE Seminar. Then I panicked that I might not have it....but remembered it was in the box I take to work on stuff.

I worked on my needle case I finished last night. I'm not happy with the "D" rings that fasten it. I needed to get a thicker and wider piece for the fastener.

While the others were working, I was going through the bag I took to put all these needles in the needle case. I labeled what I could and I even added a few needles into a page that they really didn't belong, but didn't have an extra page. Funny too, because this has 2 more pages then my BE case. I filled the book pretty good with all the needles.

I realized I need to do one more for my cross stitch needles. I just hope I have enough wool felt. I may need to buy more to get it done. I may ask Dina to bring some when she comes on Monday.

Came home to find Patrick working in the yard. I got more needles in my case and then just ready to sit and cross stitch.

Just then it was time to leave. We went and picked up Zack at the folks house. Patrick wanted to take him out to eat, so we all went to the Olympic Club. We left mom and dad behind. We spent a couple hours eating and chatting. Zach asked some advice from his Uncle and we chatted for quiet a while. It was nice to get to know a little more about Zach himself. We never had the chance to get to know him.

Came back to the folks house and played square 9's. Then came home. Realized I didn't go the blog, so her I am, writing this. Life is awesome, even when things don't work out. Lately we have been fortunate to have it go good. It's so good that I'm still having time to be Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Enjoying Quilting Friends and Visiting Dad

This morning I enjoyed an hour to myself before heading out to my quilt meeting. I thought I would stop by to see how dad was doing before I go.

When I got there, I ended up cleaning up a mess the dog made (she's used to being up at 4 am). Dad was looking good. As I was helping clean the mess, I noticed mom forgot her cell phone. She was at the fair judging quilts. So, I took the phone and went to the fair to give it to her.

When I arrived, she was busy judging. I watched her do about 5 quilts in the 15 mins I was there. I forgot how quick and amazing she is when she judges. She walked around the quilts, felt the quilts, and looked over the quilt. I saw 3 of them get blue ribbons. She was telling me about the dog while she was judging. Then she talked about how impressed with the quilters this year. The bindings were a lot better then they have been in the past. She also said quilters are getting better at making their points match. She loves judging. She even puts her name and phone number on her comments so that if anyone has a question about her judging she can explain it to her. I guess after 40 years of judging it gets quicker. lol

I then went over to our meeting. There was only 4 of us that made it to the shop. I was thrilled to see what Rita had with the Brazilian embroidery supplies. She's going to put them out in Sept., after her inventory is done. It will be awesome to have BE floss so close!!

I worked on my "cones" that I wanted to do. Pine-cones wasn't that easy. This was the first one,

then I did this one. Not too thrilled with this one, but since it's just part of the book, I'm going to leave it alone. This photo should have the same coloring as the one above, but it didn't happen.

I finished up the pine "sticks" and I live the way they came out. Not so with the pine-cone though. Oh, well.

Right now I'm sewing the pages in, then I'll sew the back and front together. It's getting done. I'll try to get it done so I can get my needles in it and be done with it.

I still need a case for my cross stitch! Too funny! I'm still thinking about that. Not sure what I'll do! I may use what I have.

Came home and worked on this piece. I had stopped to see dad again before I came home.

Now I'm going to try and finish this up, so I can get back to my cross stitch!

Life is good, everyone is awesome and we're all Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dropping Off At the Fair

Today was a pretty good day. I really didn't want to go to the fair to drop off the embroidery, but I did. It was good to see a few friends. They were dropping a lot off. Kathleen asked me to volunteer to help out, and I told her no. I would help later if they needed computer help but other than that, wasn't interested. Guess the fair is going to make everyone enter their stuff online now. We were talking about that and saying there is a lot of people that enter who will not do the computer entries. They don't like the computer and they are not interested in doing anything on the computer. It will hurt the fair if they do.

I then went over to Michael's to get a floss I needed. While I was there I also bought some candy molds to do chocolate. Thought I would try it. I'm game for making chocolate.

The I sat and watched a few Hallmark shows while working on my cross stitch.

Last night I was able to get more done. I posted both photos on IG to show last night.

Funny how one photo looks tall and skinning and another look short and fat. This is where I got today, didn't really have as much time on it as I wanted. Did some laundry and then had to call and make an eye appointment. It was nice to get more stitches in. I always seem to hunt for one of my flosses. So, I'm going to have to figure out a good way of finding the floss I need. lol

Mom called to see how I was doing. We chatted for a little bit. Going over to check on dad after my quilt meeting tomorrow.

Then Ruth called. Her sister is in the Hospital and it doesn't look good. We talked about her house. Her kids made her cut the price of the house. Shame because she should just leave it where it was. Summer time houses doesn't sell. She should have had it up before May but she just wasn't ready then. We chatted for a good hour.

So, now I don't think anyone will be calling. I'm going to try to get some cross stitch in. Wish me luck. It's so hot that it's not easy to work on my projects. When my hands start to sweat, I'm ready to call it done.

Life is awesome, the world goes around with or without me. I'm making it a good life in the time I have. (No, not planning on leaving anytime soon). In life, I'm Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Busy....Yet, Not So Busy

I slept till 8 am because I had a hard time sleeping last night. I was over to Cherrill's at the usual time. We chatted about family genealogy.

One of the issue I had was that one of my half cousins has miss labeled a photo that belongs to my grandfather. She has it as my grandfather's half brother and his family but in truth it's my great grandmother and great grandfather with MY grandfather. I'll have to post a photo on my "Letters from the Past" to try and correct any photo's out there with his name on them. I tried to get my brother and another cousin to contact the gal that posted them, but today they were taken down, which means she took them down or went private on ancestry. I'm not thrilled about that.

Came home and got laundry started. Then I watched a few flosstube videos. I watched how they do 1x1 for skin color. I love the way it looks, so I'm going to do that. I wanted to know how they did it, and watched 2 videos on that. Then I watched a couple other videos. I find that I want to see the more current videos then I want to go back to the older stuff. I was watching one from a year ago, and after 15 mins decided I was done with it. I still have about 30 more videos to watch.

I worked on our bank statement which put me into 2 pm. I then decided to watch "VERA" while working on my cross stitch.

The good news is that I have gotten the bottom done. I'm working my way  up now. I'm ready for the skin, so I'll be doing 1x1 on that part. Not sure how much more I need to get done to get to the leg, but it's coming along great.

My beads are on the way. I ordered them a while back, so they are finally coming. I also ordered some fabric and it's coming in the mail as well. I didn't order fabric from fabulous fabrics this time because they tend to take too long to get here.

Good news is that Pat did the online registration for the fair. So, I have the paperwork and am ready to go to the fair tomorrow to enter the BE pieces. It will be fun to see how well she and Felicia do. I didn't have anything to enter, so I am just dropping the pieces off.

I'm seriously thinking of buying a bolt of fabric so I can dye my own pieces. Should be interesting to see what I do. I'm seriously thinking about it more and more.

Life is good, I'm still here. (laughing) May we all be Happy with Life, Happy Stitching and Happy Quilting!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Spending Time With Dad

Today I had to be up early, but wanted to sleep more. I did get up but I was playing too long and ended up getting late when I went to Cherrill's. What life! Anyway, I finally finished with Cherrill and then came back to leave for the folks house.

Mom and dad were up, eating breakfast. They were getting ready for PT. Dad didn't have any shoes on but we went to PT with his socks on. She wants him to start walking in shoes again. He had to take the compression sock off for the doctors, but had it on at PT. He was a little swollen again today. Not as bad as he was on Friday.

We got back to the house, and then turned around and went to dad's doctors appointment. He's passed with good points. The X-rays looked good. He's able to take aleve again. After the doctors appointment we went to Subway to get lunch. Mom went with to the doctors but she didn't go to the PT appointment. She left as soon as we got back home.

My nephew showed up with mom and dad's new dog. She's Daisy and about 7 years old.

She's real needed at times.

Mom's taken to her right away. She loves to cuddle and was letting mom know she was there when she was playing on her tablet. It was cute. Funny though, I'm not that crazy about this dog. She's a little like the one my mother-in-law had. Wasn't too crazy about her either. Guess I'm not a dog person.

My piece is growing. I like how it's coming along.

Life is good, I can hope tomorrow will be to myself - but we all know how that goes!

Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Where Did The Day Go??

This morning started out good. I was up and playing my games when Patrick got up. He told me I had an hour to get ready for the movies.

We headed out to the movies and watched the Spiderman movie. It was awesome! I enjoyed that movie!

After the movie we came home and enjoyed the day out on the deck. I worked on my cross stitch and Patrick enjoyed a nap on the swing.

I've been getting quiet a bit done.

Our grapes are doing great!

Flowers are doing good as well.

Loved how the tree was looking when I looked up.

Even as hot as it was today, I baked Patrick his date bars. I used his mom's recipe. I was so hot!! I had to have the fan going while I cooked the filling! But hey, now I don't have to hear him ask me when I'm going to make them. The next few days are supposed to be hot again.

I had to walk around several time to get my walking in. I got it several times, but while watching the movie, it reminded me twice. Too funny! Couldn't and wouldn't get up to walk around for the steps.

Check out my IG to see the deer that was in dad's yard yesterday. I forgot to load it on my computer.

So, after all that, where the heck did today go? I thought I had more time but guess not. Life is good, and we all have things to do. I'm still working on being Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Another Awesome Saturday....

I couldn't sleep very well last night, but we were up and out the door by 9:30 am. We did good at the casino. It was a good day for winning. Not as much as I was hoping - but good enough. We are still ahead for the year.

Then we called mom and asked if she needed anything. She said she would rather go out and we can stay with dad. So, we did. Dad is doing awesome. He's moving around and his leg looks a lot better than it did yesterday. Mom took off and we ended up waiting on her for an hour and a half. She came back saying she ran into everyone asking about dad. At least she was able to get out.

We then went to the grocery store. Got a lot of stuff done! We came home.

This is where I got last night. It's coming along. I'll sit down and work on this soon.

It's been an awesome day. The day has been busy but we had a good time. I did have a hard time going down the pet isle. I'm still having trouble accepting someone taking my cat. I had good days and bad days.

Life goes on....and I'm going along with my crafts....Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Another Day At PT

Today I was up and ready to go. I helped Cherrill, then I headed out to dads.

I stopped at Michael's to see if they had the plastic canvas for the needle book. They didn't but said they saw it at Walmart. I walked over to Starbucks and got Patrick and I an ice drink. Dropped Patrick's drink off and then went to Walmart. I found the plastic canvas and went into shock. They had 3 pieces for $4, but if you bought 6 pieces, it was $2.89. Go figure. So, I went with the 6 pieces.

Then went to mom and dads. I got there and mom was rushing us out the door. Dad's PT was at 11:00 or so she thought. It was actually 11:15 am. The PT gal said the gal before dad had cancelled and it worked out great. So, he was in early. She really worked him. As we were leaving mom asked if Patrick had the day off. I said no. Then she said she had to go to Safeway, and I asked her how long would she be. That ticked her off and she didn't want to go. I told her she could go, but she wasn't having it. We got to their place and mom made her and dad an egg sandwich, and telling me I could have the sandwich meat in the refrigerator. I told her that fine, I was leaving soon anyway. So, I gave her a hug and kiss and left.

Came home to 90 plus degrees. I watched some of my shows and worked on my cross stitch.

I'm getting quiet a bit done

Phil sent me a photo of his flowers in the yard.

Love this photo - and it's Phil's! He has beautiful flowers in the yard.

Life is good and I' m off to keep cool - staying Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Thursday To Myself

Today I slept in. Got my shower and then got a call from Cherrill. Her maid wasn't coming in today after all, so she needed me to come over and help her with the brace. So, I went over to help her out. We chatted for a little bit then she had a phone call and I left.

It's one of those days. I figured since I was going to try and have a quiet day to myself, I'd get a few phone calls. I did but at least they were after I did my video on Flosstube. One of them was to see if I could get the BE pieces to the fair. I'm not going to the fair this year, so I can't take them or I don't want to take them. Now I have to find someone to take them next week. UGH!

After finishing flosstube, I was going through some of my stuff. I throw out a few things.

I was doing pretty good getting the counter cleaned up. I put a lot of papers in the recycling bin. I put a few patterns off to the side. I will take them to our next meeting. I'll give them away. I need to go through some fabrics as well and will work on that as well.

I found a few small projects that were started and never finished. One is one that was given to me and another one was the Christmas piece right there.

 I also had a couple that I started, and didn't finish. So, when I finish one I have going, I'll go in the box and pull one of these out to finish. Maybe that way I can get a few things done.

This is the patterns I have ready to get rid of. I need to work on the fabric next. I really need to get moving on the fabrics! I have a ton of stuff going on and I seriously need to work them down.

I worked on my Andromeda piece. I'm getting more done. I worked on this this afternoon after I got tired of going through my drawers that had the patterns in them. I know I need to go through more, but right now I'll pass. It's the fabric I need to go through and I need to get rid of a couple things I started and never finished. 

So, while I was cleaning, I worked on cleaning up my area downstairs. Then I went upstairs and cross stitched for a couple hours while watching TV. I watched a mystery show and then I watch Murdock Mysteries. 

Now that it's 93 degrees and it's 7 pm, I'm going to stay downstairs and work on my cross stitch. OR at least try. My brain is going all over the place today. I want to do this, then I want to do that, then I need to do this or that. Can't seem to relax and figure out what I'm going to do. Hate days like this. 

Tomorrow is a day at moms - again. I've got to go help dad with PT. Then I'm HOPING I'll be back home. 

Life is good, life is fine. We all keep being Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Helping Dad Out at Folks Place

This morning I was up and at the neighbors early. I got moving. Headed over to mom and dads.

They were up and I helped mom with making the bed. That new mattress is heavy! No wonder she has a hard time getting that bed made! I helped but I wasn't all that helpful!  The maid was there but she didn't do the bed. She was cleaning up the kitchen and bathrooms.

Dad's appointment was at 11:15 am. Neither one of them had breakfast when I went there, so at 10:30 am they were eating breakfast. I had to rush dad so we could get to his appointment. He had some trouble getting into the van, but he did pretty good considering. He had another trip to the ER for his leg. He hasn't been able to get the swelling down. Even the PT wanted that swelling done. He asked dad to get the compression socks that goes all the way to his thigh. He called the doctor to get the okay, and then called us as we were coming in the door from just leaving him. I could tell dad was in pain. He did really well.

Came back and mom went to the doctors to get the prescription for the compression socks. Then she went to Walgreens who had them. Walgreens told her they don't take prescriptions for them. Mom came back and we worked on getting it on dad's leg. Poor guy! I was hurting him but we needed to get it on. It made it harder for him to bend his knee, so we pulled it down when he had to walk. That way he could move the leg. Then mom took off again to go to her Tia Che class. She finally got back around 3 pm. So, by that time I was ready to come home. I've been over there every day since dad's operation. So, I asked if they needed me tomorrow and the answer was no. I'm going to try and plan for a day to myself....we all know how that goes!

Came home and realized Patrick was only 5 mins behind me. The weather at the time I came home was 92 degrees. Way too hot for me! So, I came downstairs and turned the TV on. I also pulled out my needles for my Brazilian embroidery to go in my needle case I finished.

Pulled the needles out of my box. I had a ton of them in there and I know I have more in other places. I even pulled out a couple other needle cases I had.

Ironed the markers on the pages.

Then went through my needles and put them in the book. I filled the book with the needles I have. I still have plenty of room for some needles but others were enough for one page. Ineed more #1 needles and will get those later on. I'm doing pretty good with the ones I have.

I actually thought I could put my tapestry needles in that case for when I work on my cross another book. So, I started a new one.

I decided to do a "W" on this one. I'm thinking of doing the pine needles (at least it looks that way) and put some pine cones on it. I'm not sure how to do the pine cones so thinking those will take a little more work. I may need to make one on my doodle cloth. That should be interesting. But I will try and see what happens, We'll see.

Friday when I go back over to dads, I'll top at Micheal's or Walmart for the plastic canvas to finish this up. I have everything I need. So, if I can get moving on this, I might be able to have the case done by Monday. Who knows. At the rate I work, it may be awhile. We'll see.

I worked on my cross stitch last night. Just haven't taken a photo yet. I'm planning on doing a few things tonight and tomorrow. One is that I can go through my stuff and get rid of a few things. If I do, I'll see about posting on her or Instagram to see who wants them.

Okay, it's been a long day. I didn't get to do my video I was going to do. I'll work on it tomorrow. That actually takes time, so I'm thinking I'll do it all down here.

Life is still good. I'm growing older, I'm still here. Life is busy and I'm getting lazier. Oh, well. Still keeping busy and Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Best Laid Plans That Didn't Work Out

Today I was so tired I didn't want to get up. I fell back asleep a couple times and finally got up. I went to see Cherrill, running into Janet on the way. Her dog is so small if I stepped on her, she wouldn't make it. I love seeing the dog! She's a cutie.

While I was at Cherrill's mom called. I let it go into a message. Then when I walked home I called to see what was up. Guess dad's not doing what he's supposed to and she had a doctors appointment. So, I got back home and got my tablet and headed over to their place. Dad was in bed and said he was hungry for breakfast. Mom was in the bathroom getting ready for her appointment. So, I cooked breakfast. Made them a muffin-egg sandwich. Mom didn't want on at first, but I got her to take it. Then I took dad's into him. He was so tired, I don't think he knew what he was eating. Mom got mad at him for not keep the leg elevated. I got him to rest his foot on the pillow and towel that wasn't as tight as the one mom did for him.That seemed to work.

Mom was gone over an hour and a half. So, I tried to find a comfortable place to stay. It's hard to get comfortable on their furniture.

After mom came back she wanted me to help her with the colors of the next animals that go on the quilt. We finished up the fox, gave her another green to work for the leaves, and then worked on a the colors of the rabbit. She was ironing all those pieces on the fabric and I called it a day over there. So, I came home. Patrick wasn't to far behind.

Patrick took some time off and came home around 2 pm. While he was outside, I was watching a couple of my Hallmark shows.

I've been able to get more stitch on here but not as much as I would like.

Got my fabric and pattern in yesterday. I'm not real happy with the fabric, but it will do. It's a hand dye from fabulous fabrics. I usually love her dyed work, but this to me is a little on the "muddy" side. I'm okay with it though. It should work out great. I like the colors of the pattern and was surprised it didn't show the colors very well in the photo I saw. If I had, I would have stayed with the color. No worries though. I need some more fabrics and who knows I may buy some more hand dyed fabrics that would work better.

I also got a family tree of the descendants of David Hoit/Hoyt. He's one of my family members. I need to look this over and get it in my tree.

So, what was my plans, you ask - well, here's my list!

A day away from the folks
Work on my needles or my needle case that I just finished
Clean up my quilt room and try to go through my stuff to see what I want to get rid of.
Enjoy a good lunch at home.
Get caught up on my TV shows.
And last but not least - Relax!

I ended up going to moms and finding out I have Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's now that I have to go and help out with dads PT. Mom has judging next week and wants me to stay with dad. I don't think I will need to but since mom hasn't been getting any sleep lately, I'm not going to argue the point. Just ends up taking my days away from me. It will be nice when my life gets back to somewhat normal.

Not complaining - life is good - and I'm here each day. I've finally decided to believe my cat is with the people who dropped her off a year ago and changed their minds. They have her, and I'm not getting her back, no matter how hard I try. So, I'm alone again. Patrick doesn't want another cat this soon, and I have to respect that.

Enjoying life as it comes - Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Spent The Day In Vancouver

This morning I was up and over to Cherrill's early. Came home and played a few games before mom and dad came. I had to drive us to Van...