Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Busy....Yet, Not So Busy

I slept till 8 am because I had a hard time sleeping last night. I was over to Cherrill's at the usual time. We chatted about family genealogy.

One of the issue I had was that one of my half cousins has miss labeled a photo that belongs to my grandfather. She has it as my grandfather's half brother and his family but in truth it's my great grandmother and great grandfather with MY grandfather. I'll have to post a photo on my "Letters from the Past" to try and correct any photo's out there with his name on them. I tried to get my brother and another cousin to contact the gal that posted them, but today they were taken down, which means she took them down or went private on ancestry. I'm not thrilled about that.

Came home and got laundry started. Then I watched a few flosstube videos. I watched how they do 1x1 for skin color. I love the way it looks, so I'm going to do that. I wanted to know how they did it, and watched 2 videos on that. Then I watched a couple other videos. I find that I want to see the more current videos then I want to go back to the older stuff. I was watching one from a year ago, and after 15 mins decided I was done with it. I still have about 30 more videos to watch.

I worked on our bank statement which put me into 2 pm. I then decided to watch "VERA" while working on my cross stitch.

The good news is that I have gotten the bottom done. I'm working my way  up now. I'm ready for the skin, so I'll be doing 1x1 on that part. Not sure how much more I need to get done to get to the leg, but it's coming along great.

My beads are on the way. I ordered them a while back, so they are finally coming. I also ordered some fabric and it's coming in the mail as well. I didn't order fabric from fabulous fabrics this time because they tend to take too long to get here.

Good news is that Pat did the online registration for the fair. So, I have the paperwork and am ready to go to the fair tomorrow to enter the BE pieces. It will be fun to see how well she and Felicia do. I didn't have anything to enter, so I am just dropping the pieces off.

I'm seriously thinking of buying a bolt of fabric so I can dye my own pieces. Should be interesting to see what I do. I'm seriously thinking about it more and more.

Life is good, I'm still here. (laughing) May we all be Happy with Life, Happy Stitching and Happy Quilting!


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