Friday, August 11, 2017

Enjoyed A Great Day With Quilt Friends and My Nephew

This morning I was up early because Art called to make sure we were set for Tuesday. I told him we are going Tuesday. He then asked me if I could remember to bring his medallion that he gave me to do the research on. I told him I would look for it, because I forgot what I did with it. I had the paperwork for it as well, and thought I threw it out.

After hanging up with him, I started looking for the medallion. I looked in the draw where I used to keep it, nothing. I looked in the basket I had by my table, nothing. I looked in the box that I have at m table, again nothing. Getting close to 9 am, so went to help Cherrill. We talked about how I was looking for the medallion and commenting that we keep looking till we find what we are looking for. Got back home around 9:20 am. I needed to get moving to mom's. BUT I couldn't! I needed to look some more. So, I went downstairs, looking at where I would have or could have put it....nothing. I went through my jewelry boxes...nothing. Called Patrick and asked where he might have seen it last or if he remembered it - where would I put it. While I was talking to him, I looked in the dinning room cabinet, nothing. Then I went to the place we put my keys when I put them away, still chatting with Patrick, than there it was!! In the ash tray (NO WE DON"T SMOKE) it was laying in the bottom. YEAH! So, I got the papers and the medallion and headed to moms. I stopped at Art's place and gave it to him. He was surprised and told me I didn't have to bring it right away. I told him I had to look for it, and I didn't want to forget to bring it. This way he has it and I don't have to worry about it. Also chatted about how I called and left a message as well as sent a email to the person he wanted me to contact. No reply. So, he was happy to get it back and I was happy it's out of the house again. This was the second time he had giving it to me.

Got to moms and only two others were there. Judy and Ethel. Judy said hi, and I remembered I had her charm from BE Seminar. Then I panicked that I might not have it....but remembered it was in the box I take to work on stuff.

I worked on my needle case I finished last night. I'm not happy with the "D" rings that fasten it. I needed to get a thicker and wider piece for the fastener.

While the others were working, I was going through the bag I took to put all these needles in the needle case. I labeled what I could and I even added a few needles into a page that they really didn't belong, but didn't have an extra page. Funny too, because this has 2 more pages then my BE case. I filled the book pretty good with all the needles.

I realized I need to do one more for my cross stitch needles. I just hope I have enough wool felt. I may need to buy more to get it done. I may ask Dina to bring some when she comes on Monday.

Came home to find Patrick working in the yard. I got more needles in my case and then just ready to sit and cross stitch.

Just then it was time to leave. We went and picked up Zack at the folks house. Patrick wanted to take him out to eat, so we all went to the Olympic Club. We left mom and dad behind. We spent a couple hours eating and chatting. Zach asked some advice from his Uncle and we chatted for quiet a while. It was nice to get to know a little more about Zach himself. We never had the chance to get to know him.

Came back to the folks house and played square 9's. Then came home. Realized I didn't go the blog, so her I am, writing this. Life is awesome, even when things don't work out. Lately we have been fortunate to have it go good. It's so good that I'm still having time to be Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching.


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