Sunday, August 6, 2017

Where Did The Day Go??

This morning started out good. I was up and playing my games when Patrick got up. He told me I had an hour to get ready for the movies.

We headed out to the movies and watched the Spiderman movie. It was awesome! I enjoyed that movie!

After the movie we came home and enjoyed the day out on the deck. I worked on my cross stitch and Patrick enjoyed a nap on the swing.

I've been getting quiet a bit done.

Our grapes are doing great!

Flowers are doing good as well.

Loved how the tree was looking when I looked up.

Even as hot as it was today, I baked Patrick his date bars. I used his mom's recipe. I was so hot!! I had to have the fan going while I cooked the filling! But hey, now I don't have to hear him ask me when I'm going to make them. The next few days are supposed to be hot again.

I had to walk around several time to get my walking in. I got it several times, but while watching the movie, it reminded me twice. Too funny! Couldn't and wouldn't get up to walk around for the steps.

Check out my IG to see the deer that was in dad's yard yesterday. I forgot to load it on my computer.

So, after all that, where the heck did today go? I thought I had more time but guess not. Life is good, and we all have things to do. I'm still working on being Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!


This morning I was up bright and early. As soon as the sun was up, so was I. It had finally cooled down around 3 am this morning..... We t...