Sunday, January 11, 2015

Green Bay's Sunday!.....and no Quilting..... Ugh

I spent the morning at the bowling alley. Our travel league meets once a month and I had to go bowling. Next month will be in OR and so I'm going to be gone most of the day for that. We start bowling at 11 am.

Got home to Charlie waiting on me, and Patrick napping. lol Asked about the game with Green Bay, and to my surprise he said he was flipping channels. He usually doesn't miss a GB game, since he sold hot dogs at the stadium when he was a kid. Now it's GB and Seahawk's game on Sunday next week. Either team wins and this family will be happy - SEAHAWKS are #1 in this family though!

Remember me posting this?! I finished this area and now working toward the middle area. I'm thrilled to have finished this area last night. I did find myself taking some of my work out, but overall it worked out great. I'm getting there. 

I'm hoping to be able to work on my stuff downstairs tomorrow, but with walking, cribbage, and doctors appointment, I don't know if I will be able to get much done. I'm hoping to start some of the stuff I have down there and get my organization on track. I need to get more things ready for the days I'm away from the house and want to take my bag of "stuff."

Walked into the house from bowling, and went - "ugh" - guess I need to do some picking up around the house. I have so much "stuff" all over the kitchen, dinning room, and living room! I couldn't believe how much I have sitting out. Guess I need to get back to cleaning before I sit down and quilt. OR even before I play games - yea, right, not sure that will work. lol

I was checking out Karen's Quilting blog and noticed she's giving away 9 different patterns she has no more use for. I think that's an awesome idea. Have everyone see the patterns, decide what they want and then have a drawing to see who gets them. I sent a message to her, that I should do that too! I have more patterns then I have quilts! lol But then again, have more patterns of cross stitch, crochet, etc., that I haven't touched in YEARS.....guess I need to get my butt downstairs and get moving on organizing what works for me!!

Today, I'm dreaming of getting back to quilting and dying to be Happy Quilting!!


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