Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Beautiful Day to Get Out of the House!

Today was a better day! I had a while trying to decide if I wanted to head over to our quilt group or not. The closer it got to the time we normally show up, the more I felt like going. So, I put the eagle block into my bag and headed to the quilt group meeting. Patrick called in sick today, so left him behind.

I started working on the tail feathers, and would you believe, I didn't check the layout right!? Nope, I didn't figure it out right. So, I ended up taking out all those stitches you see right there! Every last one of them on the tail. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I forgot to grab my scissors and was using someone elses!! I couldn't believe, with three pairs of scissors, that I would be daft enough to leave them behind, but oh, yea, I did. I was able to remove it all and started on it again. I had the side done before I left. I only stayed about an hour, because I really wasn't feeling that great to stay a few hours. Mom showed up and chatted with the group as well. She had to see me, since I haven't been around for over a week.

I replaced the tail, and came home to sew it all down. I didn't get a photo of it finished, but I will later tonight. I'm going to work on the feet, and then I can do the shield. I'm really liking the way it looks. I just need to clean up the threads....ugh

On my way home I stopped and got a burger! I was starving for a good burger! I haven't bought a good burger in I don't know how long! So, I had a coupon, got two burgers and two fries for $4. I bought Patrick lunch to eat with me. We sat outside and had a great "picnic."

I then had to go around the house and take photos. I loved the clouds, flowers, and trees out there! Here are a few of my photos, more will be posted on my photo page.

Flowers in bloom! Couldn't as for more!! Trouble is I react to the growing of plants, but I love the colors.

Sun shining, flowers growing, cool breeze, and I'm feeling great. It's time to get back to being Happy Quilting!

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