Friday, April 3, 2015

Another Day At the Hospital

Today started out like the rest of this week had started out. I got ready and drove over to pick mom up. We ended up going to Safeway for lunch because she didn't want to fix anything. She was eating when I arrived, so she wasn't hungry. We picked up chicken, but didn't eat much after we got to the hospital. It rained the whole way there and back. When we arrive we found that dad wouldn't be coming home today. He still has to go 24 hours without antibiotics and keep his temperature down. We arrived at noon, Phil arrived shortly after. We visited and at 3 pm decided it was time to go. Phil stayed a little longer. Will go back tomorrow morning to pick him up - IF he gets to come home.

While there I did finish up the first block of Bountiful Baskets.

Took the photo on my lap since I didn't have anywhere to lay it down. I finished up the French knots.

Patrick decided he was going out today since our Saturday has been taken up. We went to the casino and came home with a little money. We headed to the movie at McMenamins. They chanced the movie from yesterday, so we didn't go after all. We then came home.

After a long day, I'm ready to "hit the hay" and get a good night sleep. Tomorrow will be another day, and I'm going to see what needs to be done and what I can do to be Happy Quilting.....

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