Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Week Begins

Today was a good day. I got up early for a Brazilian embroidery meeting. I'm really excited about having a group starting up here. I have always loved Brazilian embroidery. I was introduced to Brazilian embroidery about 10 years ago. I wanted to learn how to do it, but the person who was doing it, didn't live near me. So, I kept my eyes open and kept hoping. I was thrilled last year when I went to Portland's quilt show and took a class on the embroidery. That I did blog about back then. The gal that is starting a group down here is also teaching a class on it. I'm looking forward to it. We start in a couple weeks.

After our meeting, I ended up going to the grocery store. I bought stuff we needed and was thankful that it was on sell. I had a couple coupons that came in handy.

I got home around 11 am. I baked Patrick Date Bars. Then I got the cream cheese and made a dip for the chips. We hadn't had chips and dips for a long time, since I quit eating chips.

Next was cleaning things up. Laundry didn't get completely done. After a good week of not working on laundry as often as I usually do. I have one more load to do. Woo Hoo........not.

I basted on more pieces to the Baltimore Liberty block #3. Then I noticed I need to mark a few more blocks for the Bounty Baskets. I want to baste more baskets on the rest of the blocks. I also looked at the purple flower on the one I need to take out. So, wasn't really into taking it out right now.

So, I pulled out my cross stitch photo I need to finish. I am going to take a day off and work on my cross stitch. I got a few stitches in. I'm hoping to work on it tonight.

Patrick talked to his brother today, and found out my mother-in-law was in the hospital. We've been hoping she's getting better. Prayers are going out to my mother-in-law. I'm so glad I finally got the quilt done for her.

Charlie is at my feet, giving me looks over the computer. So, it must be time to get back to working on my projects and let her sleep in my lap.

My mind is going in all different directions. I'm even reminding myself I need to finish another project before starting a new one. I still need to go downstairs and figure out what I'm to finish next (other than that quilt!). I have the blocks that the Thursday group did for me. I should figure out what colors (fabrics) that I'm going to use to put it all together. I have Japanese fabrics that might work out great. I'm going to see what mom has in the Japanese fabrics as well. I think my Japanese fabrics down there are for a pattern I bought. Yep, another project that needs to be started and is sitting there waiting. The more I think, the more trouble I get into! Keeping my brain thinking of what next, when I really need to think, "work on it!" Hey, I'm still there and Happy Quilting.

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