Friday, April 24, 2015

Rainy Friday and Quilt Day

Today I played cribbage and won one game. I went to the garage to get some food out of the freezer. While I was out there, it smelled like poop. So, I looked around and sure enough, there it was, by the garage door. I had to pull the hose around and spray it out of the garage. UGH

I then had to head to quilting. Stopped at Walmart. Trust me, I HATE going there. Since it was early enough, I was able to get in and get out fast. My hot pot broke the other day. Patrick didn't like my tea pot on the new stove and told me to go get another hot pot. I got the cheaper one all because I know it will go out just as fast as the other one I had that cost me around $30. This one was $12. I wanted the red one that was $19 but they were out of stock. So, I decided to buy this one. I actually like it - with one exception - it's a right handed pot! The cord is on the right side, the water level is on the left side, and the handle is on the right side. UGH....I can deal with this.

I was able to get this basket done today at moms house. I called the folks while I was at the meeting and they were on the road. Said they would call when they arrived at Las Vegas. Then mom told me she hadn't gotten a hold of her cousins to tell them of the passing of their Uncle. I ended up having to call them to let them know. Wasn't too thrilled I had to do that, but it seems to be me that does.

We had a good meeting but everyone left early again. We had lunch and then the rest of us left. I at least got the basket done. Then on the way home I needed to get a container to hold my stuff for the Brazilian embroidery class I'm taking on Monday. I stopped at the Dollar Store because I really, really didn't want to pay more than I had to. They didn't have any pencil boxes but I did find a snap box that will work great. I need to set that all up with scissors and other stuff I need.

I poured rain when I went to moms and it poured on the way home. Right now NO rain. Figures.

I finally came home and pulled out my box of the variation nine patch pieces.

I put one on the third row and worked on two of the nine patches to get ready to add as well.

The two at the top - green and red flowers on white - are the two I'm working on to add to the row. I need to iron this. I also need to trim some of the back. I was piecing pieces and noticed the seam allowance was more than 1/4". I'll be trimming the before I get them ready to quilt. Or as I go.

I'm going to try and get some more basting done on the baskets.

Funeral is tomorrow and not sure if I'll make it. I probably should, but not that close to the family. I have photos and things I need to give to them. I'll wait and see how it goes.

In the meantime, I'm still working on different things at the same time. We're all Happy Quilting!

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