Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Cleaning - Quilting Room - Day 1

I actually did what I told myself I would do. I went down to my quilt room and cleaned.

Before photos - this is one of three.

This is looking at our back door and my small working wall - or as I've been calling it - my guild wall.

This was the mess I had between my sewing table and the wall that had my bookshelf of stuff.

My first task was to clear all this out! I took everything out of here. Off the bookshelves and off the window sill.

So, once I did that, it ended up on the floor, the cabinet, and where ever I could put the stuff. I had Patrick pull down the shelves so I could clean them and polish them up.

I then started to look through my boxes and put them away. I may still move them, but right now this is what I have done. I moved some boxed stuff into other boxes. Then I took what I took out of boxes and put in a different box. In over words, I took stuff out of small boxes and put in larger boxes. Some stuff in larger boxes went to smaller boxes. I found a project I forgot about. I found the candy I hid and haven't been able to find in 3 months too.

I cleaned both sergers up. Cleaned the sewing cabinet (only half way with that). I closed the serger drawer up, and will be moving the cabinet as soon as I have it cleaned up and ready to move. Not sure right now if I will put it in another area or not. I need to get behind the cabinet and clean the window. I only got the right side window cleaned up and polished. I have 2/3 more to go.

I found my envelopes of "stuff."

I took a break and went with my son to his grandmother-in-law's place to give her a bigger computer monitor. The family bought her a new computer. So, now she's all set. The monitor is even bigger than what we have. I thought that was awesome of them to do that for her.

Got back home and brought the envelopes upstairs to go through. I opened each one and marked the envelopes with what I have in them. I did throw away a few things, but not much. ugh

I found the cat and dog pattern I wanted to do a few years back. This was given to my from a dear friend, Marianne Camarata. She's a dear friend that I'm sorry to say, I haven't written to in a long time. We still do Christmas cards but that's not the same. I may just sit down and write her a letter.

I also found some old pattern cutouts that were pinned together. I'm not sure why the triangle and pattern design where pinned to the "umbrella girl" pattern, or what happened to the rest of the pieces. These were cut out by my great grandmother I'm sure. She cut them from letters she got in the mail. They are typed letters, so I'm thinking 1960's.

I also found my Mountain Mist quilt pattern Iris Red. It was one of my favorite ones. I used to send off to them to get a free pattern. I have a couple of their patterns, but only found this one so far. I want to make this quilt, and now that I know I have the pattern, that is next on my "Wish List."

To my surprise, I found a copy of my article that was in Quilt World magazine. I thought I lost the articles because I can't find the magazine I used to have. I had about 4 copies of the magazine, but I think over the years I gave them away or sold them. I wish I had that magazine though. Oh, well. at least I have the article copy. I found three of them, so I'm good.

I pulled this quilt off the boxes I have down there and washed it under delicate. I let it dry outside on the line. I have a white backing for it, but had to wash it twice because the lines had not been clean, and it marked the blanket. I washed it again and it's outside on the line.

I felt okay with washing it, because this is the back. It was stitched on a feed sack. I'm not sure how old it is, but I will say I think it's around 1950's. It has the soft sleeper fabric from that time. I remember my night close in this kind of fabric. It is probably NOT fire resistant, but it is pretty. I'm going to try and see if mom would like to tie it with me. I was thinking of quilting it, but then remembered quilts like this was done in the tie-ing fashion.

Since mom and dad are planning to drive to Vegas this week, it won't happen anytime soon. I'm not worried about it. I may surprise myself and tie it myself.

After four hours of working in my quilt room, I took a break. It will be a project for the week. I have half the last arm on the Japanese doll block to do. I will try and do that in the next day or two. Quilt room may come first. I can't wait to finish that room up and be back to being Happy Quilting!

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