Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Working on UFO's

Today started out early. I couldn't sleep in, but that was understandable since I knew I had things to do today. I went to the bank, then to my sons, and then to moms. Since I had physical therapy today I figured I could go to mom and dads before hand.

I seem to think of things I want to do while taking a shower. Not sure why the brain works the best while in the shower, but it does.

I pulled all my Japanese dolls that my group made for me. I found I have 11 of them. So, I wanted to figure out what I was going to do to put them together. I don't want the usual placements on the quilt. I want the quilt to be different. Anyway, took them to moms and asked her what she thought. Asked if she had Japanese fabric that I could use for this and she did. So, I have more fabric and will try to figure out how I want them in the quilt. We talked about doing smaller blocks of Koi fish, lanterns, and fans on some smaller blocks.

I went online and found this fish, so I used it for a pattern.

This will be the pattern I will use for the fish.

I also designed this one, and will make it a little better than this photo. But this will work for some of the blocks.

Mom worked on this one. She used scratch pattern with this one (noticed the web address as I type this). This will be another block.

And lastly, this is the other block that will be used. I'll fix it up a little better, then I will put them in 7 1/2" blocks. They will be on point.

I finally took out the purple flower and basted another one on it. This is a full flower and not the pieces. I will put this done and then add the white tear drops later.

Wasn't ready to finish up the purple flower. I decided to finish up #7's block. I did the embroidery just before leaving for bowling. I am happy with the way its coming along.

I got a few more stitches in on the cross stitch. It's fun to see what all I have got done.

Leaving moms, she gave me this box to put my stuff in and bring it home. I'm going to keep it a little longer, and use it for when I go to the retreat. I need to put all my projects in it. It will be perfect for what I will be doing.

I stopped at another quilters house on the way home and brought home a "parrot plant." I had to repot it, and I do like the flowers it will bloom with. I'm looking forward to seeing what come with this.

As one can see, I'm still thinking too much. My mind is going in different directions, but hopefully I will be getting all these UFO's I have - DONE! I really need to finish this stuff up, but when I think of what I want to do, I find I have more work to do! When will I learn to just get it done and not think of more things to add to it?! Time will tell. I'm hoping to get the other blocks done to see how they will look on the quilt! Happy Quilting!!

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