Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Appointment Day! Another Project Done!

Today was one of those days that I needed to be out of the house before walking. So, we scheduled walking for the afternoon.

I headed over to Stillwaters Estates to pick up Art and take him to his eye appointment in Olympia. We were there about 20 mins early. That worked out because they got him in right away. It was a quick trip because he didn't have to wait as long as he has in the past. We were back home by 10:20 am. I went to see how mom was doing since it was only 2 blocks away. She didn't look good, but then she said she hasn't been able to sleep very well. So, maybe she's just not getting the sleep she needs. I'm hoping that's the case.

I left their place and headed to the Fair grounds to drop off the quilts and embroidery. They were happy to see what I brought. It will be interesting how it goes. I had to fill out MORE forms there. I had the forms right, just had to do more for the tags. I'm so glad I printed the forms off and had them filled out! I would have been there for about 2 hours if I hadn't done that!

Got home and went for our walk. We only made it to 2 miles because it was really hot when we were walking.

Came home and cleaned up a little. Then sat and worked on my cross stitch.

I needed to finish the bottom and then it was done!

Yep! It's FINISHED! I put my name on the side, and it's done! Now I can start the next one!! Yea, I know, I should wait, but I've been wanting to start the next one in a long time. 

I hope I can work on my quilt tomorrow, but that isn't going to happen. I have our meeting tomorrow. Just realized I never did hear from the group as to what we did last meeting. I think they just got people to work the fair. 

I did work on my scrap quilt "Patches and Crosses" while at the eye doctors. I didn't take a photo of it, but I did work on it. I need to get some more basted done and then will do more. It was quick and easy today. It's one of the better things to have for appointments, so will keep the bag with me so I can work on it when I'm in a place I don't have anything to do. 

I'm going to get my dad's CMSgt stripes on the blue, so I can applique that down tomorrow at the meeting. I will have to leave early to go with dad to his doctors appointment. I seem to be a "care giver" lately, and I really am NOT a care giver and really don't want to be. But then Life takes over and I end up doing what I don't want to do. UGH. 

Happy Quilting!


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