Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Week Overdue For Cleaning

This morning I was up around 8 am. Since I haven't been walking with Ruth, I'm getting to get a another hour in on sleep time. I'm enjoying that. Trouble is when the weather gets better, we'll be back to walking. AND if the weather gets better Cherrill will be getting out there walking with us.

Kitty was in for awhile for TLC time. Then she walked with me to Cherrill's and then back home. I enjoyed some tea with Cherrill. We had a good chat.

I started the washing before I left. Got home and did more laundry. Then I pulled the vacuum out and cleaned the rugs. I also worked on the kitchen floor. More laundry!

I made some oatmeal cookies! They turned out great!

In the afternoon I started working on the binding of the QOV quilt.

I was able to get one side done so far.

I figured I needed to get this done, washed and ready for our next meeting. The next thing I need to work on for QOV meeting is the circles that go on one of the tops someone else did. The circles won't take long, it's just getting me to do it!

I put the cross stitch away to get myself to get this done! I need to get them done, so I don't feel like I have a TON of stuff to work on.

We won't be having quilting this week. Mom's having the house painted on Friday, so we won't be having our meeting then. I'm okay with that. I need a break.....and yet I haven't seen everyone for over a month...can't help but love the break....hum.

Happy Quilting!

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