Thursday, January 5, 2017

Having Tea and Cross Stitching

Got to sleep in...or at least try. Patrick let the cat out of the garage and she was meowing at the door. I let her in and went back to bed. She meowed more, till she finally came and joined me. At first she took off when I moved, then she relaxed. Got to get another 45 mins in for sleep.

I did get a call from my neighbor, her cleaning lady was sick, so I needed to go over and help her out. We checked out the water leak as well. Still waiting on the plumbing company to come over and check it out.

I made a "Chewy Walnut Bar" for Patrick. Then I went back to me my cross stitching!

Sideways photo of my SAL that I finished yesterday.

I was able to get another 400 stitches done on this one. It's coming along great. I'll be working on the leaves next. AFTER I get this part done more.

I watched all my shows that I have on DVR, so now I need to figure something else out to watch while I work on my stuff.

At least I was able to get more done. I keep getting reminded that I need to do the circles for the quilt top. I will TRY and do that tomorrow. Maybe if I get them cut out, it will be easier to do them. I will see what tomorrow bring and what kinda mood I'm in. I'll be having tea with the neighbor so not sure how soon I'll start tomorrow.

When my package gets here, I'll start on setting it up for the challenge I signed up for.

Happy Quilting!

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