Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snow Still Here, Still Stitching

Last night was our first night with our grand doggie. Zeva is a big change in the house, but fun to have. She slept at the end of the bed till about 1 am when she climbed in between the sheets next to me. It's been awhile since I had a dog that would sleep with me under the sheets.

I was up shortly after Patrick left. Zeva wanted out before I could get breakfast, so took her for a walk down the street. She didn't do her "business." So we came home, I ate breakfast and then we went back out. This time she did her business. We were going back and forth all day with walking and checking the area out.

She sat in my lap most of the day. I was working on the floss that I got last night.

I grabbed my project I had already set up to start. I decided to put the floss back in the floss box. I also was able to get some of the floss I didn't get yesterday. I was able to get all my floss ready for the HAED project I'm working on .

I was able to start working on the page. I only got 40 stitches done today because I was rolling the floss on the thread holders. I still have more to do, but will work on it tomorrow.

Of course I went and bought some more stickers for the thread holders because I couldn't find what I did with the ones I had. (I had a lot!) So, when I was putting the threads away in the box, guess what I found?! Yep, the stickers that I couldn't find! Never fails.

I worked on the afghan last night as well. I'll try to get a few more stitches in tonight if I can. I'm running behind again.

Happy Stitches!

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