Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Thursday To Myself

Today I slept in. Got my shower and then got a call from Cherrill. Her maid wasn't coming in today after all, so she needed me to come over and help her with the brace. So, I went over to help her out. We chatted for a little bit then she had a phone call and I left.

It's one of those days. I figured since I was going to try and have a quiet day to myself, I'd get a few phone calls. I did but at least they were after I did my video on Flosstube. One of them was to see if I could get the BE pieces to the fair. I'm not going to the fair this year, so I can't take them or I don't want to take them. Now I have to find someone to take them next week. UGH!

After finishing flosstube, I was going through some of my stuff. I throw out a few things.

I was doing pretty good getting the counter cleaned up. I put a lot of papers in the recycling bin. I put a few patterns off to the side. I will take them to our next meeting. I'll give them away. I need to go through some fabrics as well and will work on that as well.

I found a few small projects that were started and never finished. One is one that was given to me and another one was the Christmas piece right there.

 I also had a couple that I started, and didn't finish. So, when I finish one I have going, I'll go in the box and pull one of these out to finish. Maybe that way I can get a few things done.

This is the patterns I have ready to get rid of. I need to work on the fabric next. I really need to get moving on the fabrics! I have a ton of stuff going on and I seriously need to work them down.

I worked on my Andromeda piece. I'm getting more done. I worked on this this afternoon after I got tired of going through my drawers that had the patterns in them. I know I need to go through more, but right now I'll pass. It's the fabric I need to go through and I need to get rid of a couple things I started and never finished. 

So, while I was cleaning, I worked on cleaning up my area downstairs. Then I went upstairs and cross stitched for a couple hours while watching TV. I watched a mystery show and then I watch Murdock Mysteries. 

Now that it's 93 degrees and it's 7 pm, I'm going to stay downstairs and work on my cross stitch. OR at least try. My brain is going all over the place today. I want to do this, then I want to do that, then I need to do this or that. Can't seem to relax and figure out what I'm going to do. Hate days like this. 

Tomorrow is a day at moms - again. I've got to go help dad with PT. Then I'm HOPING I'll be back home. 

Life is good, life is fine. We all keep being Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

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