Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Best Laid Plans That Didn't Work Out

Today I was so tired I didn't want to get up. I fell back asleep a couple times and finally got up. I went to see Cherrill, running into Janet on the way. Her dog is so small if I stepped on her, she wouldn't make it. I love seeing the dog! She's a cutie.

While I was at Cherrill's mom called. I let it go into a message. Then when I walked home I called to see what was up. Guess dad's not doing what he's supposed to and she had a doctors appointment. So, I got back home and got my tablet and headed over to their place. Dad was in bed and said he was hungry for breakfast. Mom was in the bathroom getting ready for her appointment. So, I cooked breakfast. Made them a muffin-egg sandwich. Mom didn't want on at first, but I got her to take it. Then I took dad's into him. He was so tired, I don't think he knew what he was eating. Mom got mad at him for not keep the leg elevated. I got him to rest his foot on the pillow and towel that wasn't as tight as the one mom did for him.That seemed to work.

Mom was gone over an hour and a half. So, I tried to find a comfortable place to stay. It's hard to get comfortable on their furniture.

After mom came back she wanted me to help her with the colors of the next animals that go on the quilt. We finished up the fox, gave her another green to work for the leaves, and then worked on a the colors of the rabbit. She was ironing all those pieces on the fabric and I called it a day over there. So, I came home. Patrick wasn't to far behind.

Patrick took some time off and came home around 2 pm. While he was outside, I was watching a couple of my Hallmark shows.

I've been able to get more stitch on here but not as much as I would like.

Got my fabric and pattern in yesterday. I'm not real happy with the fabric, but it will do. It's a hand dye from fabulous fabrics. I usually love her dyed work, but this to me is a little on the "muddy" side. I'm okay with it though. It should work out great. I like the colors of the pattern and was surprised it didn't show the colors very well in the photo I saw. If I had, I would have stayed with the color. No worries though. I need some more fabrics and who knows I may buy some more hand dyed fabrics that would work better.

I also got a family tree of the descendants of David Hoit/Hoyt. He's one of my family members. I need to look this over and get it in my tree.

So, what was my plans, you ask - well, here's my list!

A day away from the folks
Work on my needles or my needle case that I just finished
Clean up my quilt room and try to go through my stuff to see what I want to get rid of.
Enjoy a good lunch at home.
Get caught up on my TV shows.
And last but not least - Relax!

I ended up going to moms and finding out I have Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's now that I have to go and help out with dads PT. Mom has judging next week and wants me to stay with dad. I don't think I will need to but since mom hasn't been getting any sleep lately, I'm not going to argue the point. Just ends up taking my days away from me. It will be nice when my life gets back to somewhat normal.

Not complaining - life is good - and I'm here each day. I've finally decided to believe my cat is with the people who dropped her off a year ago and changed their minds. They have her, and I'm not getting her back, no matter how hard I try. So, I'm alone again. Patrick doesn't want another cat this soon, and I have to respect that.

Enjoying life as it comes - Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

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