Thursday, August 10, 2017

Enjoying Quilting Friends and Visiting Dad

This morning I enjoyed an hour to myself before heading out to my quilt meeting. I thought I would stop by to see how dad was doing before I go.

When I got there, I ended up cleaning up a mess the dog made (she's used to being up at 4 am). Dad was looking good. As I was helping clean the mess, I noticed mom forgot her cell phone. She was at the fair judging quilts. So, I took the phone and went to the fair to give it to her.

When I arrived, she was busy judging. I watched her do about 5 quilts in the 15 mins I was there. I forgot how quick and amazing she is when she judges. She walked around the quilts, felt the quilts, and looked over the quilt. I saw 3 of them get blue ribbons. She was telling me about the dog while she was judging. Then she talked about how impressed with the quilters this year. The bindings were a lot better then they have been in the past. She also said quilters are getting better at making their points match. She loves judging. She even puts her name and phone number on her comments so that if anyone has a question about her judging she can explain it to her. I guess after 40 years of judging it gets quicker. lol

I then went over to our meeting. There was only 4 of us that made it to the shop. I was thrilled to see what Rita had with the Brazilian embroidery supplies. She's going to put them out in Sept., after her inventory is done. It will be awesome to have BE floss so close!!

I worked on my "cones" that I wanted to do. Pine-cones wasn't that easy. This was the first one,

then I did this one. Not too thrilled with this one, but since it's just part of the book, I'm going to leave it alone. This photo should have the same coloring as the one above, but it didn't happen.

I finished up the pine "sticks" and I live the way they came out. Not so with the pine-cone though. Oh, well.

Right now I'm sewing the pages in, then I'll sew the back and front together. It's getting done. I'll try to get it done so I can get my needles in it and be done with it.

I still need a case for my cross stitch! Too funny! I'm still thinking about that. Not sure what I'll do! I may use what I have.

Came home and worked on this piece. I had stopped to see dad again before I came home.

Now I'm going to try and finish this up, so I can get back to my cross stitch!

Life is good, everyone is awesome and we're all Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!


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