Saturday, January 14, 2017

Seahawks Lost! UGH

Today started out early. We had a lot of stuff we needed to do. But I woke at 7 am and couldn't find Ziva. Come to find out, she was at Patrick's feet under the covers! After figuring out where she was, it was better to just get up. I let her out. We came back in for me to feed her.

Patrick got up and I went to the neighbors before we left for the casino. We had a good day. The last couple times we have been coming home even. So, it's nice to be entertained by the casino for a couple hours. We stopped off at my son's and did a few things for them to get prepared for them coming home.

Came home and got Ziva, then took her home. She couldn't wait to see her mommy! It was so funny how she was getting excited and couldn't wait to get home.

We came back to watch the game. Seahawks started out great, but then they went down in the tubes! We turned it after they started loosing by 13. The next thing they did made it a sure thing they would loose.

I worked on my challenge by HAED. I was able to get 100 stitches in today. That is a lot better than 40 stitches. It's a little harder to work on 25 ct fabric then I thought. It's small and hard to see at times, which seems odd to me because I do great with linen fabric and it's a lot smaller to work with.

Last night I worked on the crochet baby blanket. I've gotten another couple rows done last night. Crochet goes fast so this is coming along great. I try to do cross stitch in the afternoon and crochet in the evening. I'm not sure if I will do the crocheting today or if I'll do the cross stitch tonight.

I'm doing great with getting some stuff done this year! I'm happy with the results so far. I may actually get a few things done this year! Or I can hope! This year is here, and I'm hoping to be able to do a lot more. Let's see if I can at least get some of those things done that I have listed with the Finish-a-long challenge. I haven't won anything yet, but who knows, one of these days I just might.

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!

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