Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Beautiful Day For Fun!

Today I was up early. Couldn't sleep much! What a pain. So, while I think of what I'm going to say, I'm yawning! What a way to go.

I just noticed my writing from last night didn't finish like it should have. I'll have to finish it.

Now for what I found out last night. I was supposed to have some of the stitches with 1 strand of floss and 2 strands of gloss floss. Well, I didn't do that after I got back from Seminar. I did the opposite. So, it not quiet what it's supposed to be, but I'm going to leave it. No one but me (and you) know what I did.

Today we went to the casino and stayed a few hours. It was fun. We did rather well. Afterwards we headed over to the movies! We watched Despicable Me3. It was pretty good. Patrick thought it was better than some of the others, but I thought it was a little off from the others. Either way it was a good movie.

Came home and worked on my cross stitch.

I'm getting close to starting on Katt's name. I'm looking forward to putting that down. I can't wait!
It's getting tiresome but I'll get through this part.

I posted a couple more photos of Kitty on the Lewis County Lost and Found page on FB. I'm hoping she will show up. I'm getting to the point that she may never show up. I would hate it if someone took her from me, but that would be better than the alternative.

I keep telling myself to keep working on my cross stitch and try to finish another project....Staying Happy Stitching! Happy Quilting!

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