Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Day At The Casino

Today I was up way early. I was having a hard time sleeping because I saw a post last night about a Siamese cat in Onalaska WA. I didn't get the chance to call the gal because it was past 9 pm. I asked Scott across the street to call her and see if it's Kitty. He said he would. I then headed over to Art's to pick him up and change cars. We were at Red Wing at 9 am.

Received a texted from Scott saying it doesn't look like it's Kitty. The cat is small and skinny. I called the gal and she said it looks to be around 6 months old. She doesn't know if it's a male or female. There is no collar on it. She thinks it's too small to be our cat. I told her Kitty is very skittish and she is still a kitten. She said she will try and get a photo. It won't stay around long enough to be able to take a photo. She said it takes off like a shot. So, I'm back to waiting to see if someone reports her. I'm going to send a copy of the filer to Yelm's vet as I saw someone asking about a vet in that area.

I played on my $15 that the casino gave me. I lasted till 11 am. Then I put the money I get to spend in the machines. It didn't last the last hour, but I did pull it out at $35. Then I went to see how I did on Keno. I was shocked yet again! I won $108 in Keno. I got 5 out of 6 numbers! Too funny! Art only won a $1 for his Keno. lol  So, I came home with $110 more than I took. Not bad.

Came home and got caught up on my games. Then I went on the Lost and Found page of Lewis County FB page. I wanted to see if she had a photo but she didn't. It's going to take a few days.

After supper I pulled out the quilt - Forest Galorest. AGAIN, NOT worth buying!!

This is the body and wing of the owl. I'll attach the head when I get the other wing done.

I have the body and wing attached. Now I needto get this set of wings done. When that is done, I can do the face. Wish me luck! Mom wanted me to work on this. Since I'm going to her house tomorrow because of PT, then I can give it back to her. Not sure if the face will be done tonight but I can try. Then I can get back to working on my cross stitch. It's killing me to look at it but not get anything done on it.

May we all be Happy Quilting and/or Happy Stitching!

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