Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Day At The Casino

Today I was up way early. I was having a hard time sleeping because I saw a post last night about a Siamese cat in Onalaska WA. I didn't get the chance to call the gal because it was past 9 pm. I asked Scott across the street to call her and see if it's Kitty. He said he would. I then headed over to Art's to pick him up and change cars. We were at Red Wing at 9 am.

Received a texted from Scott saying it doesn't look like it's Kitty. The cat is small and skinny. I called the gal and she said it looks to be around 6 months old. She doesn't know if it's a male or female. There is no collar on it. She thinks it's too small to be our cat. I told her Kitty is very skittish and she is still a kitten. She said she will try and get a photo. It won't stay around long enough to be able to take a photo. She said it takes off like a shot. So, I'm back to waiting to see if someone reports her. I'm going to send a copy of the filer to Yelm's vet as I saw someone asking about a vet in that area.

I played on my $15 that the casino gave me. I lasted till 11 am. Then I put the money I get to spend in the machines. It didn't last the last hour, but I did pull it out at $35. Then I went to see how I did on Keno. I was shocked yet again! I won $108 in Keno. I got 5 out of 6 numbers! Too funny! Art only won a $1 for his Keno. lol  So, I came home with $110 more than I took. Not bad.

Came home and got caught up on my games. Then I went on the Lost and Found page of Lewis County FB page. I wanted to see if she had a photo but she didn't. It's going to take a few days.

After supper I pulled out the quilt - Forest Galorest. AGAIN, NOT worth buying!!

This is the body and wing of the owl. I'll attach the head when I get the other wing done.

I have the body and wing attached. Now I needto get this set of wings done. When that is done, I can do the face. Wish me luck! Mom wanted me to work on this. Since I'm going to her house tomorrow because of PT, then I can give it back to her. Not sure if the face will be done tonight but I can try. Then I can get back to working on my cross stitch. It's killing me to look at it but not get anything done on it.

May we all be Happy Quilting and/or Happy Stitching!

Spending The Day With Mom

It snowed more last night. Soooo, this morning was all white. It was gorgeous! Patrick said to wait till 10 am before going out. I decided...