Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Day Quilting With Mom

This morning I was up early. Got ready and headed over to mom's house. I stopped off at the post office to drop off a flyer, then gave a flyer to my vets, and lastly I dropped a flyer off at mom's community.

After all that, went to moms. They were just getting up. So, we had some breakfast (I only had a sausage). Then we played a game for a little bit and heading to the sewing room. We got started on the borders for the Forest Galorest quilt. I wil repeat myself - the instructions are CRAP. We went ahead and did our own way of doing the borders.

Mom had this much done the last time we were together. The bottom right block is blank because of the fox that goes on the block as well. The flowers are ready to put on the block, but unless we see where the fox goes, we didn't put the flowers on.

We actually enlarged our piece. This is bigger than we expected but at 80" square, it's pretty big. It was listed to be 65" square, but as I said the pattern is crap - so it would have been a little bigger anyway, we just added another inch on the pieces.

We added the borders to the piece. The top of this photo is where the bear goes. We worked on the bear before I left. Mom is going to applique the bear on. We did come into a little trouble with the bear. We also will be changing the bear. The pattern has the bear looking funny. So, we'll fix it.

We pinned down the bear. Bet mom has it done by the next time I see her.

Came home and worked on the cross stitch. I'm so close to finishing this piece, I can taste it! I'm so excited. I was so excited that that snowflake ended up being a half square off. I decided to keep it that way, don't want to rip it out again. I will be putting the buttons on and fix the fringe. Then it will be done! Can't wait! Then it's off to Kathy to be put into a sock.

I'm still keeping my spirits up, and I'll probably do another video tomorrow or Monday. Not sure, but I'll do it. Need to work on some more stuff.

Stay Happy, Stay Energized, Stay Happy Quilting, and Stay Happy Stitching!

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