Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A New Start! What Fun!

This morning I was up and out the door. I helped Cherrill and then went to Napavine to post a flyer of Kitty missing. I was able to put it out by the post office. Then I went to Centralia's post office and he told me they don't like to post missing pets. Then he gave me some tape and said to put it on the window at the door. At least till it's taken down, some people will see it. So, I did. Then I went to the Chehalis post office and my poster was gone, so I put another one up. Maybe it will give it a day or two before they take it down. I posted on another "alert" page on the web. So, now I'm posted on "mylostpet.com" and "help lost pets" which seems to have a link to some people and places that could help. After this, I'm going to call it good. I can now say I have done all I can to find her.

So, came home and worked on a new cross stitch!

Andromeda is now started. It's a Maribella pattern. I was frogging it to get started, but now I think I'm on a roll. I'm getting it ready to be a step stone method. I'll get it set up here soon.

Then Patrick came home and I went back to my HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs).

I'm actually getting back into working on this. I'm not sure how I will schedule them. Maybe work on this at night and work on the other one during the day....we'll see. I need to get more of the owl done for mom. I've got a third of it done anyway. I'll work on it when I feel like it.

I need to redo my video I did yesterday. It was crap! I hate it when the talking doesn't match up. I even lost a follower because of it! lol

Happy Stitches! Happy Quilting!

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