Thursday, July 13, 2017

An Awesome Day With Quilting Friends!

This morning I was able to sleep in if I wanted to. I was up early. I enjoyed my morning by myself.

I then headed out - taking my stocking with me - and made a couple stops along the way. I went to Safeway for something to take to the Potluck. I got one of their $5 sub. Then I headed over to McD's to get a drink of ice tea. lol - I also went somewhere else. Just can't remember where.

Got to the shop and looked for fabrics that would work for the stocking. I like the colors we picked. I don't have a picture of the green that will be inside. I gave that to Kathy. Now we just wait. I told her to let me know what I owe her.

I sent Katt this photo to see if she was okay with it. She was, so it's now off to get put into a stocking. I'm looking forward to seeing what Kathy comes up with.

I had an awesome day with my quilting friends. It was a short meeting because I had to leave at 12:30 to meet up with mom and dad at the hospital. I was presented a gift and an awesome card for starting the group. I had given it over to someone else, but it was so nice to get a "Thank you" for starting the group. We even had another person show up for the meeting. She fit in great. I didn't get a photo, but I did get quiet a bit of the wing done on the owl. I worked on the second wing.

I met mom and dad at the hospital. They were in a class to let dad know what he was to expect. We'd been through that class with mom, so we knew what to expect. Dad has his doctors appointment tomorrow. I don't think I'll go to that. We have our quilt group meeting tomorrow as well. Mom is going to be leaving early, so chances are I will be cleaning up the mess.

Came home and called the Sheriff's office and told them what car left my house when they took my cat. I saw a PT Cruiser and believe it's the same car that checked out our neighborhood a couple weeks before they took Kitty. I chatted with him and he said he will keep the information on file. I told him it was a purplish blue color. He asked why anyone would take her. I told him that she was a beautiful Siamese cat and they may thought of using her for breeding but she was spayed. When I told him she was Siamese then he realized what I was saying. I can hope they find her.

I then came home and worked on my HAED - Cat Pentagram-Parker cross stitch piece. It was designed by Michele Sayetta.

I love that it's coming along great. I did have a few issues with some arrows that are in the pattern. I need to pay attention to what direction they are going in.

Life is good, and I'm still Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

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