Thursday, July 27, 2017

Another Day Between Friends and Hospital

Today I was surprised to be up even before Patrick. I couldn't go back to sleep, but I did sleep pretty good.

Went to Napavine to post another poster at the Post Office. Someone took down my flyer. Then I drove around Napavine to see if I could see the car that took Kitty. No luck.

Headed over to the hospital to see dad. He's looking awesome and doing great. He's really happy with his knee. The nurse is loving him! She's a kick! They tease each other a lot. I stayed about an hour.

Then headed over to the quilt shop and enjoyed an hour with friends. Deanna came back from MO and gave everyone a gift. She game me patriot labels for quilts. It's awesome! That was so kind of her! I'll have to remember to get a Thank You card out to her.

This is the inside of my needle case. (The photo I didn't have yesterday or the day before). The list of needles is crooked but it's not bad enough yet for me to take out.

So, while I was at quilting, I worked on the cover. Not the prettiest cover, but I was having fun with beads and buttons. I wanted the branch - not sure it looks like a branch but this is another one of those things where I made it "off the seat of my pants!" I may add more, not sure.

Went back and spent time with dad. Mom and I were there till 3 pm and then went to the house to see how the quilt was coming along. Mom's working on the fox. I'll try and get a photo tomorrow.

Dad's coming home tomorrow and we have quilting at the house. I may end up staying at the hospital to bring him home. Will be interesting to see.

Life is good, I'm back to my cross stitch tonight. Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

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