Friday, July 7, 2017

Another Finish!

Today I was up a little later than usual. Really didn't want to get up. Funny how that works. Had a rough day thinking of all the places Kitty was playing with me.

I watched some Flosstube videos. I was able to get a few of them done this morning. I figure if I watch them in the morning, it will take away my sadness of not having TLC time with Kitty.

In the afternoon I worked on my Christmas Stocking for Katt. I'm happy to say I was able to finish it!

It's ready to go to Kathy to finish. I'm not in a big hurry so, I'll take it to her next week. I was thrilled to get it done. Even Patrick liked it after it was done. One of the snowflakes is off, but no one but me will know that, unless someone really gets close. If they do, that's their problem. lol

While I was uploading my photos, I found this one,

which is the pillow case I made for dad's QOV quilt. The quilt is in the pillow case and waiting to be given out.

Back to this afternoon - my mail lady came and dropped off my package I had to sign for.

My frames came in!! I'm so excited about it. They are awesome frames! I loaded this one up with the HAED piece I'm working on. I'm going to work on it while it's in this frame. I also moved my hardanger piece to the frames that had my Christmas Stocking. I didn't have enough fabric to be able to put it in my new frames. At least I was able to put them in a frame.

So, I decided to get back to this one and work on it. It's the Patriot Angel. This shouldn't take too long, I'm hoping.

I also went downstairs and put the floss away that I had fro the Christmas Stocking. Then I went through the box and pulled out the flosses I needed for my Mirabilla piece I'm going to start. I have it in my Omanik frames already. So, I have a piece ready to start - but need to get some more floss for that one though. Once I do that I will have a new start! Can't wait!

So, even in sadness, I can keep working - Happy Stitches and Happy Quilting!

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