Monday, July 31, 2017

Brazilian Embroidery Potluck

This morning I was up early so I could clean up a little before everyone came over. I went to Cherrill's and brought back her salad for the potluck.

Our first person showed up right on time. Then the rest followed a few minutes behind. We had 9 of us. We enjoyed the day outside. We all worked on our needle cases. Dina went through all the steps, because once again, not everyone was prepared.

Dina shared her needle case.

She was showing how she puts the needles in the case and how she has them marked. The #1 is for #1 needles.

Then there are these as well. We use a lot of these.

So, I worked on mine. I got the pages in. The first page I'm not that happy about it. But it turned out great.

I sewed them in place and trimmed them. It went pretty good.

This is the finished part. I need to add the strips in the pages. Then it's good and ready to go. I'll add my needles and it's good to go. I need to get all my needles in cases so I can find what I need.

After everyone left I had to head over to moms and stay with dad while she went to an exercising class. Dad looks good and is getting around a lot fast then he did yesterday.

I decided to finish the other one I was working on. I'll put my quilting needles in that one. I have plenty to put in the case. I'll have to figure out what needles I have. I will do the embroidery on the other one and figure out how I'm going to close it.

Life is good, everything is coming along. Time to get back to cross stitch! Keeping it up and staying Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

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