Saturday, July 29, 2017

Two Days Worth in One Blog!

Friday - July 28th -

Woke up early and went to see Cherrill. Came home and headed out to moms. I arrived at 9:05 am and Ann, arrived about 10 seconds before me, so she took my parking spot. I went into the house at moms and got her car keys for the van. Dad wouldn't have been able to come home in my car.

I arrived at the hospital just before 9:30 am. Dad was sleeping. So I talked with the nurse and found out he would be discharge because he was in too much pain and they had to give him pain killers that knocked him out. Told her we would return around 1-2 pm to see how he was doing.

Then I headed back to moms. I told her what was up. Dad and his pain was keeping him from leaving. So, I stayed and quilted with our group. We had about 7 of us show up.

I finally got the owl head put on the quilt. This is the corner of quilt that has the owl. I was able to get it all put on the quilt top. Mom is working on the fox in the opposite corner.

When quilting was over, we went over to the hospital to check on dad. He was doing pretty good, but still in pain. There was a big rash on his leg which made his leg swell. The good news was that that was an allergic reaction to the antiseptic that they put on around his surgery. So, we stayed about an hour and then left.

I went back to the house with mom and then headed home. I stopped off at Micheal's to get the floss I needed. When I got home it was too late to put the food in that  wanted to fix. So, to my surprise, Patrick called and said we'd go out to eat and then head to the casino.

Which we did. We were there for about 3 hours after we stopped and got supper. We had a pretty good night. By the time we got home it was 9 pm, so we called it a night.

Saturday - July 29, 2017

Today I was up early but Patrick was up earlier. He had to run to the plant at 3 am to get it back on line. I wasn't sure he left but I did know when he came back. So, I let him sleep.

When he finally got up, we loaded the truck and headed out to Toledo WA for a bike ride. We got in about 3 miles when mom called to say dad was being released from the hospital. Told her we'd be there in a couple hours. We went really well, at least till we got to the same old spot and I couldn't breath. Had to stop and rest, and then stop and rest again. Thought I would pass out. Couldn't understand why. Took some time for me to get my breath again and we finally made it to Rainier. We sat and ate there. When I went to the bathroom there, all the TP was gone except a small amount in one stall. Then noticed even the paper towels were missing. Think someone decided they needed them better than anyone else did.

We headed back to Toledo. I did a lot better! We made it through with a couple small stops on the way.

Then we headed to the hospital to pick up dad. They were waiting on us. Dad was helped out to the van. It took some doing but he finally got in. Then we went home. Getting him out of the van was almost as hard. Dad's doing awesome! He's moving around and doing great.

We helped dad and then went up to Costco to pick up a few things. We brought mom and dad back supper. Then we came home. Patrick worked out in the yard and then came in for dessert. Now we are enjoying the evening but sitting here watching TV.

NOW I can finally sit and work on my cross stitch. I'm hoping to get a lot more done.

It will be nice to get more done on her! Can't wait. The purple is showing up. I like that my purple is better then what they had.

Life is good, time is going fast, and I'm still Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

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