Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What Can I Say?!

I was sitting here trying to figure out a title. Most times I forget to get the title into the blog. So, the first thing I thought about was, "What can I say, for a title?" Hence the title. Yep, I'm crazy today.

I helped my neighbor, then I came home and did another video. I felt the last one I did on Monday was a piece of CRAP. So, I wanted to do a better one to make up for that crap. I didn't delete it, but I should have. I'll do that later on. I added a few things to this video.

Then I sat down and worked on my Maribella.

I got some done. Not as much as I wanted to. The frog arrived, so it took a little more then I wanted to take. I'm getting there. I'm trying to put a couple hours on one and then put another couple hours on the HAED piece.

I'm getting more done. I'm having a little problems with the bottom part. I do like the way it's coming along. I was having fun working on this one. Not sure how long this will keep my interest. I still have the Patriot Angel, that I got frustrated with. AND I have the hardanger to work on as well.

I'm really not doing much around here. I'm working on my cross stitch and what ever else comes up. It's not a lot. I keep myself busy. If Kitty was here, I'd be entertaining her or she'd entertain me. But that's life. She's gone, and I need to deal with it.

Tomorrow is our potluck at our quilt meeting. I'll take my owl and work on that. Trouble is, I need to meet my folks at the hospital around 1 pm because dad's got his pre-op for knee replacement. Not too thrilled with it, but I'll go. My folks want me to go. Actually mom wants me to go.

So, life is good, can't complain - so will stay Happy Quilting//Happy Stitching.

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