Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Helping Dad Out at Folks Place

This morning I was up and at the neighbors early. I got moving. Headed over to mom and dads.

They were up and I helped mom with making the bed. That new mattress is heavy! No wonder she has a hard time getting that bed made! I helped but I wasn't all that helpful!  The maid was there but she didn't do the bed. She was cleaning up the kitchen and bathrooms.

Dad's appointment was at 11:15 am. Neither one of them had breakfast when I went there, so at 10:30 am they were eating breakfast. I had to rush dad so we could get to his appointment. He had some trouble getting into the van, but he did pretty good considering. He had another trip to the ER for his leg. He hasn't been able to get the swelling down. Even the PT wanted that swelling done. He asked dad to get the compression socks that goes all the way to his thigh. He called the doctor to get the okay, and then called us as we were coming in the door from just leaving him. I could tell dad was in pain. He did really well.

Came back and mom went to the doctors to get the prescription for the compression socks. Then she went to Walgreens who had them. Walgreens told her they don't take prescriptions for them. Mom came back and we worked on getting it on dad's leg. Poor guy! I was hurting him but we needed to get it on. It made it harder for him to bend his knee, so we pulled it down when he had to walk. That way he could move the leg. Then mom took off again to go to her Tia Che class. She finally got back around 3 pm. So, by that time I was ready to come home. I've been over there every day since dad's operation. So, I asked if they needed me tomorrow and the answer was no. I'm going to try and plan for a day to myself....we all know how that goes!

Came home and realized Patrick was only 5 mins behind me. The weather at the time I came home was 92 degrees. Way too hot for me! So, I came downstairs and turned the TV on. I also pulled out my needles for my Brazilian embroidery to go in my needle case I finished.

Pulled the needles out of my box. I had a ton of them in there and I know I have more in other places. I even pulled out a couple other needle cases I had.

Ironed the markers on the pages.

Then went through my needles and put them in the book. I filled the book with the needles I have. I still have plenty of room for some needles but others were enough for one page. Ineed more #1 needles and will get those later on. I'm doing pretty good with the ones I have.

I actually thought I could put my tapestry needles in that case for when I work on my cross another book. So, I started a new one.

I decided to do a "W" on this one. I'm thinking of doing the pine needles (at least it looks that way) and put some pine cones on it. I'm not sure how to do the pine cones so thinking those will take a little more work. I may need to make one on my doodle cloth. That should be interesting. But I will try and see what happens, We'll see.

Friday when I go back over to dads, I'll top at Micheal's or Walmart for the plastic canvas to finish this up. I have everything I need. So, if I can get moving on this, I might be able to have the case done by Monday. Who knows. At the rate I work, it may be awhile. We'll see.

I worked on my cross stitch last night. Just haven't taken a photo yet. I'm planning on doing a few things tonight and tomorrow. One is that I can go through my stuff and get rid of a few things. If I do, I'll see about posting on her or Instagram to see who wants them.

Okay, it's been a long day. I didn't get to do my video I was going to do. I'll work on it tomorrow. That actually takes time, so I'm thinking I'll do it all down here.

Life is still good. I'm growing older, I'm still here. Life is busy and I'm getting lazier. Oh, well. Still keeping busy and Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

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